Item Description

Bar Records label

Silver compact disc factory pressing

20 Tracks:

 1)  I Couldn't Cry If I Wanted To   (Eddie Holland)

 2)  Please Mister Kennedy   (Mickey Woods)

 3)  The Day Will Come   (Freddie Gorman)

 4)  I'm Hooked   (Bunny Paul)

 5)  My Kind Of Love   (Satintones)

 6)  Any Girl In Town   (Kim Weston)

 7)  Step Aside Baby   (Lollipops)

 8)  You Can Lump It   (Embers)

 9)  Mother You Smother You   (Christine Shumaker)

10)  Tea House in Chinatown   (Four Tops)

11)  Fight Fire With Fire   (Frances Nero)

12)  It Hurt Me Too   (Marvin Gaye)

13)  There He Is At My Door   (Vells)

14)  Christmas Everyday   (Miracles)

15)  What's Easy For Two Is Hard For One   (Connie Haines)

16)  I'm On The Outside Looking In   (Eddie Holland)

17)  Would I Love You   (Miracles)

18)  Just One Look   (Vells)

19)  Dearest One   (Lamont Dozier)

20)  Sweeter As The Days Go By  (Frank Wilson)