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Marvel Super Heroes RPG collection on DVD.
Read and reference the series in the PDF format without
risking damage to your originals.
MSH Basic - Day of the Octopus
MSH-MU5-6850-Battle Book 6850
MSH-MH8-6866-Fault Line
MSH-MHSP1-6860-Secret Wars
MSH-MU1-6851-The Breeder Bombs
MSH-MU4-6859-Lone Wolves
MSH-MU7-6864-The Last Resort
MSH-MH2-6853-Time Trap
MSH-6870-Realms of Magic Book 1 - Manuals of Magic
MSH-6870-Realms of Magic Book 2 - Manual of Mysticism
MSH-6870-Realms of Magic Book 3-Codex of Characters and
MSH-MHAC1-6852-Judges Screen
MSH-MHAC2-6854-Avengers Assembled
MSH-MHAC3-6856-Adventure Fold-Up Figures
MSH-MHAC4-6858-Pit of the Viper
MSH-MHAC5-6861-Project Wideawake
MSH-MHAC8-6868-Weapons Locker
MSH-MA1-6890-Deluxe City Campaign Set Campaign Book
MSH-MA3-6876-The Ultimate Powers Book
MSH-MA3-6876-The Ultimate Powers Clarifications
Marvel - Character sheets
MSH-MA1-6871-Advanced Set - Players Book
MSH-MA1-6871-Judges Book
MSH-MA1-6871-Universal Wheel
MSH-MA1-6890-Deluxe City Campaign Set Adventure Book
MSL2-6901-Warlord of Baluur
MSL3-6902-Spore of Arthros
MT1-6885-All This and World War II
MT2-6886-The Weird Weird West
MT3-6891-The Revenge of Kang
MX1-6873-Nightmares of Future Past
MX2-6875-The X-Potential
MX3-6877-Reap the Whirlwind
MX4-6888-Flames of Doom
ME1-6879-Cosmos Cubed
ME2-6880-Ragnarok and Roll
ME3-6882-The Left Hand of Eternity
MHSP2-6869-Secret Wars II
MLA1-6892-After Midnight
MLBA1-6893-Mutating Mutants
MU1-6878-GHMU - Abomination thru Dreadnought
MU2-6878-GHMU - Eel thru Mad-Dog
MU3-6883-GHMU -Mad Thinker thru Sentry
MU5-6887-1989 Character.Updates
XX1-6896-The Uncanny X-Men Campaign Box Set
MA1-6872-Children of the Atom
MA2-6874-Avengers Coast To Coast
MA4-6889-Fantastic Four Compendium
Articles from Dragon Magazine
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm192mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm194sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm195mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm195sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm196sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm197mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm198mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm200sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm207sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm88mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm89mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm91mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm92mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm93mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm94mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm94sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm95mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm96mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm96nqmp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm97mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm98mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm98sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm99mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm100mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm100sup1
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm100sup2
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm101mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm104mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm104sup1
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm104sup2
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm105mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm105sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm106mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm107mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm107sup1
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm107sup2
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm108mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm109mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm110mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm111mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm111sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm112sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm113sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm114mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm115mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm116mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm117mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm118sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm119mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm121mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm122mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm122sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm123mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm124mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm125mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm126mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm126sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm127mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm128mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm129mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm130mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm131mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm132mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm133mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm134sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm135sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm136sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm137mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm141mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm143mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm144sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm146mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm150sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm151sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm152sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm154sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm155mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm156mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm157sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm158sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm159mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm159sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm160sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm161mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm162mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm163mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm165mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm165sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm167mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm168mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm169mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm169sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm170mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm170sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm171mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm171sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm174mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm175mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm175sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm176mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm177mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm177sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm178mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm179mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm180sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm181mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm182mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm183mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm184sup1
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm184sup2
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm185mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm186mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm186sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm187mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm187sup
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm188mp
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm188sup1
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm188sup2
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm188sup3
Dragon Magazine Marvel-Phile\dm190mp
Saga Ed.
MSH-1035-SAGA - Guide to the X-Men
MSH-1158-SAGA - Guide to the Hulk and the Avengers
MSH-1340-SAGA - Reed Richards Guide to Everything
MSH-6926-SAGA - Roster Book
MSH-SAGA - Fate Deck
Older Edition of Marvel Core Rules
MSH-1028-SAGA - Core Rules
I have additional RPG Game titles / PDF collections not
listed here. Just email me for a list.
A huge compilation on DVD without having to search eBay to
replace damaged issues in your collection.
We also do custom orders.
Whether you want 2 issues or 200.
You tell us what you want on the disk. Only .25 cents per issue
plus shipping.
Shipping Policy
We use standard USPS shipping for most sets.
Quoted shipping prices in the ad are for US customers only. We
do ship internationally but you must get a shipping quote before
paying as international rates are significantly higher.
Combined Shipping
A standard shipping charge is listed above with each additional
set ordered costing .75 cents more.
Issue Gap Policy
Each set is as complete as possible. We do not leave gaps in
any set. You should receive every issue listed in the ad youre
purchasing. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, so if you think you are
missing an issue let us know.
Return Policy
We offer limited support and will replace any defective discs.
We have checked the files the best we can but can not catch
everything. Sometimes a corrupted pdf or cbr can get by us or may
not work on your PC. So feel free to report any bugs and/or
defective discs.
Included on each disc are CDisplay for XP/Vista PCs and Jomic
for Mac OS X 10.4 or newer. We strongly recommend Mac users
purchase Comic Book Lover, available on the web for 10.4 and 10.5
systems. We do offer help for only users of the newer Intel based
Macs with OS X 10.4 or newer. However errors with the Display
software are the domain of the individual software providers and
help is available on their respective websites.
Important Disclaimer: To purchase these
back-up comics you must own the original comics. These comics are
for back-up purposes only. When Purchasing any of the comics sets
we have available for you, we therefore assume you have the
original in your possession. Our function is strictly to backup
your original comic purchase, which you currently own, to protect
it from damage - accidental or otherwise. We provide these back-ups
as a service. We will not be held accountable for the buyers use.
If you sell your original comic(s), you will destroy the backup of
that title. If you imply piracy, then we cannot legally provide a
back-up service for you, and we hold no liability for anything you,
the buyer, will do with the backup. You understand that from
purchasing these backups from us, that you are implying you have
the original copy of that title, and we will supply it to you on
that understanding only. If you imply to us that you do not own the
original copy of the comic(s), then we cannot supply you with the
disc, as you have no legal rights to own it. You must also be aware
that in order to use your legal backup copy of your retail
comic(s), your PC/Mac must contain a working and properly installed
CBR Reader application.