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This listing is for Marvel's Ultimate Series on DVD. Read your favorite comics on your computer. Easy to store and takes up very little space.

Listing includes CBR reader on the dvd.

March on Ultimatum Saga
Ultimate Captain America Annual 1
Ultimate Fantastic Four/Ultimate X-men Annual 1
Ultimate Hulk Annual 1
Ultimate Origins 1-5
Ultimate Power 1-9
Ultimate Spider-Man Annual 3
Ultimate X-men/Fantastic Four Annual 1
Ultimatum 1-5
Official Handbook of the Ultimate Marvel Universe Fantastic Four & Spider-Man
Official Handbook of the Ultimate Marvel Universe Ultimate Marvel Sampler
Official Handbook of the Ultimate Marvel Universe Ultimate Secrets
Official Handbook of the Ultimate Marvel Universe Ultimates & X-men
Ultimate Adventures 1-6
Ultimate Armor Wars 1-4
Ultimate Avengers v1 1-6
Ultimate Avengers v2 1-6
Ultimate Avengers v3 1-6
Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates 1-6
Ultimate Captain America 1-4
Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra 1-4
Ultimate Elektra 1-5
Ultimate Enemy 1-4
Ultimate Mystery 1-4
Ultimate Doom 1-4
Ultimate Fallout 1-6
Ultimate Fantastic Four 1-58
Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 1-2
Ultimate Nightmare 1-5
Ultimate Secret 1-4
Ultimate Vision 1-6
Ultimate Extinction 1-5
Ultimate Hawkeye 1-4
Ultimate Human 1-4
Ultimate Iron Man 1-5
Ultimate Iron Man 2 1-5
Ultimate Spider-Man v1 .5-133, 150-160
Ultimate Spider-Man v1.5 1-15 (v1.5 bridges the gap between v1 133 and 150)
Ultimate Six 1-7
Ultimate Spider-Man v1 Requiem 1-2
Ultimate Spider-Man v1 Annual 1-3
Ultimate Spider-Man v1 Special
Ultimate Spider-Man v2 0-16
Spider-Men 1-5 (Ultimate Spider-Man v2 crossover w/ other Marvel Universe)
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up 1-16
Ultimate Thor 1-4
Ultimate Vision 1-5
Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk 1-6
Ultimate X 1-5
Ultimate X-men .5-100
Ultimate X-men Annual 1-2
Ultimate X-men Vs Fantastic Four 1-2
Ultimate War 1-4
Ultimate X-men v2 1-17
Ultimates v1 1-13
Ultimates Annual v1 1-2
Ultimates v2 1-13
Ultimates Annual v2 1
Ultimates v3 1-5
Ultimates v4 1-5
Ultimates v5 1-17
Ultimates 3 Marvel Spotlight
Ultimates Saga
Ultimates Novel Tomorrow Men

If you are interested in multiple smaller series, I am willing to charge the same price as listed as long as all the choices will fit onto the same amount of dvds as the listing you are viewing would have come on anyway. Simply contact me with what you would like.

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