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The History Channel's 'Marijuana: A Chronic History'
This two-hour History Channel pot doc from Wholly Cow
Productions covers the usual territory featuring familiar
talking heads. Here's the breakdown:In the pro-marijuana corner:
Melissa Etheridge, Allen St. Pierre, Steve DeAngelo, TopCeleb Stoners
Doug Benson and Joe Rogan, Jeff Miron, HalSparks, Mitch Earleywine,
Marc Kleiman, Larry Sloman, Dale SkyJones, Chris Bliss, William Leahy,
David Lampach In the anti-drug corner:
Gil Kerlikowske, Sheriff Gary Philip, Graham Hill, John
Redman, Dr. Charles Sophy, Kim Raney, Joe Stewart, Nate Holden,
Alexandra Datig, Alison Triessl, Paul V. Gallegos


1. Emerald Triangle, Humboldt County
2. Overview
3. Jamaica, Portugal, Amsterdam
4-5. History
6-8. Medical Marijuana
9. Conclusion

Final Comment: "All out legalization is only a matter of time."

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