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Mansion of the Doomed (1976)--Old schooler Richard
Basehart is a surgeon trying to restore his daughters sight by
kidnapping random victims and removing their eyeballs for
transplant in this fun grindhouse '70s style horror film. He
throws the eyeless victims in his dungeon
. Film Noir stalwart and Academy Award winner turned
'70s exploitation actress Gloria Grahame is his assistant!
The eyeless basement dwellers escape and attack the kind but
deranged surgeon in a hilarious climax! From the director of
"Dracula's Dog" and produced by 21 year old Chatles Band.
DVD-R is very good quality and comes with full-sleeve
color artwork front and back, traditional DVD case and is Region 0 (will play
on any DVD player). Feel free to ask about DVD-Rs in a paper sleeve for a
cheaper rate.

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