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All Pacquiao fights in existence plus several features and documentaries.

This package comes with 2 DVD cases. The first one holds Disc 1 - 12 and the second holds Disc 13 - 24. Cases feature full color labels with DVD contents on the back.

Each disc also has a full label showing the disc number and the contents of the disc on a professional Pacquiao image background.

Very professional looking set here.

All video was sourced from the highest available sources and is HD Sourced from the Diaz fight onwards. All fights are in Chronological Order with each discfilled to capacity without any video being compressed. Several
documentaries and features on Pacquiao are also included.

Custom Menus are on each disc allowing one to choose each individual fight or extra. All fights are chaptered by round which means that rounds can easily be skipped using the next button on the DVD. Watching any interesting rounds over is easy with this set.

Custom Labels and a on all discs as shown in the pictures and 2 custom cases. This would make a great gift.

Disc Contents

Disc 1
Acasio Simbajon
Renato Mendones
Lito Torrejos
Rustico Torrecampo
Sung-Yul Lee
Mike Luna
Wook-Ki Lee
Chokchai Chokvivat (Chokchai 3K Battery)

Disc 2
Ippo Gala
Panomdej Ohyuthanakorn
Shin Terao
Chatchai Sasakul
Todd Makelim
Gabriel Mira
Medgoen Singsurat
Reynate Jamili
Arnel Barotillo
Seung-Kon Chae
Tetsutora Senrima

Disc 3
Nedal Hussein
Wethya Sakmuangklang
Lehlohonolo Ledwaba
Agapito Sanchez
Disc 4
Jorge Julio
Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym
Serikzhan Yeshmagambetov
Emmanuel Lucero
Marco Antonio Barrera

Disc 5
Juan Manuel Marquez
Fahsan 3K Battery
Pacquiao Training and Sparring

Disc 6
Hector Velazquez
Erik Morales

Disc 7
Erik Morales 2
Oscar Larios

Disc 8
Countdown to Pacquiao Morales 3
Erik Morales 3
Jorge Solis

Disc 9
Countdown to Pacquiao Barrera 2
Marco Antonio Barrera

Disc 10
Countdown to Pacquiao Marquez 2
Juan Manuel Marquez

Disc 11
David Diaz
Oscar De La Hoya
Pac on Jimmy Kimmel

Disc 12
Hatton 24/7 - 4 episodes
Ricky Hatton

Disc 13
Cotto 24/7 - 4 episodes

Disc 14
Miguel Cotto
Emmanuel Clottey

Disc 15
Margarito 24/7
Face Off w. Kellerman
Jimmy Kimmel Show - 3
Pac on 60 Minutes

Disc 16
Antonio Margarito

Disc 17
"FightCamp 360 (4 Ep.) feat Mosley vs Pac
Extras on Pacquiao before the Mosley fight "

Disc 18
Sugar Shane Mosley

Disc 19
Juan Manuel Marquez 3 Extras: 24/7 (4 episodes), 24/7 Overtime, Face Off with Kellerman, Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel, Live Weigh Ins show

Disc 20
Juan Manuel Marquez 3

Disc 21
Bradley Extras

Disc 22

Disc 23
Juan Manuel Marquez 4 24/7
Jimmy Kimmel Show
Other Extras

Disc 24
Juan Manuel Marquez 4