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The Complete Series - Includes The Movie

The series began with Chrissy and Jo throwing a farewell party for their flatmate and desperately in need of a replacement to help share the bills. The morning after the night before they discover a young catering student by the name of Robin Tripp, who, having fallen foul of the girls home made punch, wakes up in the bathtub with the mother of all hangovers. Once the girls discover that Robin is looking for somewhere to live and above all else - that he can cook, they offer him the vacant bedroom whilst at the same time warning him to keep out of theirs. But first there's the problem of the landlords, Mr and Mrs Roper.

This DVD set comes as pictured, in a case with cover, and artwork on each disc. Formatted in NTSC for USA/Canada, and PAL format for Australia/Europe. Ships from the UK.

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