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Start Your Home-Based Business
The popularity of Auction sites has inspired many people to start a business from home. For those entrepreneurs who don't want to invest in wholesale merchandise but still want to start an online business, drop-shipping is the perfect solution. We've been the leading online drop-shipper for over 10 years. Our experience and expertise is what sets us apart from other wholesale drop-shippers. Unlike other wholesale drop-shippers, we warehouse all the merchandise, guarantee same day shipping and we will help your business grow.
•A dropshipper is a company that will ship one product at a time directly to your customer with your name as the sender. •You don't have to pay for an item until it sells. •You don't stock or ship merchandise. It's all done for you by the drop-shipper. •You simply list an auction on eBay or your website, and then take orders. •When someone buys the product at your auction or website they pay you for the product. •You pay the drop-shipper and they ship the product to your customer under your name! •You pay your cost of the item and keep the profit for yourself.
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