Item Description
This is the second half of season 2 of Make It or Break It. This only includes episodes 11-20. For some reason, these episodes were never released on disc, but fortunately I have them here. It comes on two unmarked BD-R discs in a white envelope, five episodes to a disc with English subtitles (removable). The episodes are presented in 720p, giving you excellent quality. The price is $25.99 non-negotiable, so if you send me an offer for a cheaper price I will decline it. Sorry about the expensive price, but BD-Rs are still rather expensive to buy and they take a long time to burn. Also, please note, that BD-R compatibility is not the same as DVD-R. Some discs will not work with some players, and I cannot be held responsible if a disc doesn't work in your player. Basically, I test each disc after it is burned in my PlayStation 3, and if it works, I send it on. Once again, if a disc does not work in your player, I apologize, but please do not blame me. But at the same time, do not throw the disc away as you will undoubtedly get a new player at some point where it does work. If you cannot agree to these terms, then please do not buy.