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Size: 8 Inch
Main Material: Stainless, Gold plated. come in Retail box packing!

Why magnets? Traditional Chinese doctors have known for millennia that a magnetic field, when next to the body, can increase the wearer's vital force known as Chi. Today, over 4,000 years later, millions of people use magnetic jewelry and magnetic therapy products for health, circulation, pain management, and to help increase Chi.


"...We greatly appreciated your product. It has helped us immensely!!" E.T., Brandon Florida

"love these.having friends get them too.what a difference in my wrist when crocheting!!!!! Thank-you :)" D.H., Oakely Idaho

"I have used your bracelets for about a year now. My hands have gone from being almost unable to hold a pen and write my name to allowing me to enjoy all of the fiber crafts that I had to give up due to the pain in my hands. Thanks to your products my hands are now pain free! So, I am ordering another pair just because I like to change my jewelry once in a while. Thank you so very much for giving me back a life I can enjoy!" K.S., Scottsdale Arizona

What can Magnetic Therapy do for you?
Poor blood circulation can be to blame for many of today's ills.. The use of magnets can help enormously in combating the effects of migraine, neck, back and knee pain, rheumatism, arthritis, cramp, gout, angina, depression, period pains and insomnia.. Poor blood circulation can cause the whole body to be 'below par'.. Magnetic therapy can improve this, and give a whole new outlook for life..

What is Magnetic Therapy?

The secret of Magnetic Therapy is it's unique multidirectional Electro Magnetic Force (EMF) which relieves pain and enhances the healing of injuries..

The belief in the healing power of magnets is nothing new.. It is even said that Cleopatra wore a magnetic lodestone to keep her young and beautiful.. More recently NASA, the American Space Agency, has used magnetic therapy to cure space sickness.. The use of magnetic therapy has grown enormously in recent years.. In Japan particularly, the use of magnets is now regarded as a vital tool in overcoming the stress of everyday life.. In the West magnets are widely used by sportsmen and women to relieve pain and help in the healing of injuries..

Is Magnetic Therapy Safe for Everyone?
Research shows that there are no harmful side effects caused by the use of magnets.. They shouldn't, however, be used by people fitted with heart pacemakers, internal automatic defibrillators or pregnant women..

How does Magnetic Therapy Work?
Bio-magnetism works in the human body through the circulatory system, the nervous system and the endocrine system.. Magnetism is continuously penetrating every known particle, right down to the atom.. Its ordering effect on living systems arises from the fact that magnetism is a blueprint of life itself.. All know energies have this electromagnetic field as a base.. The latest research indicates that magnetism has a very significant biological effect on human beings..

As the use of Bio-magnetism in clinics around the world continues to increase, healers are seeing firsthand how natural magnetism promotes health and provides energy by eliminating disorder in the various biological systems.. This is accomplished by stimulating blood circulation and building new cells to rejuvenate the tissues of the body.. The bio-magnetic effect on iron and oxygen in the body allows the hemoglobin active movement, thereby, activating circulation in a remarkable way.. Ineffective and weakened blood cells are appropriately strengthened and more fresh vital blood is pumped into the system.. With the respiratory exchange improved and cellular metabolism activated to increase vitality, prevention and cure of disease become a natural conclusion..

Due to the quality differentiation between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We only guarantee the style being the same as the pictures shown, but not the performance on different bodies being the same as the model, thank you.

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