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*NEW* - Magic List Bot Web 2.0 Version Is Now Live - Fully Compatible With Windows & Mac!

Now you CAN get more traffic, build a massive email list, and make money from CPA and affiliate offers with push button easy simplicity and using a system that runs it self...

Breakthrough software technology generates an avalanche of traffic and email leads on 100% autopilot every day. The only way to stop the money and leads from flowing in is to SHUT DOWN your bank accoun t!

Generating Traffic, Building a Massive Email List and Stuffing Your Bank Account With Unstoppable Cash Flow is Now
Push Button Easy

Imagine having your own software robot that forces money directly into your pocket even when you don't need it!

You may be skeptical at this point, and yes, you should be.

We were always told "nothing comes easy in life..." correct?

The fact is - the internet changed everything forever!

Today, anything is possible if you have the right tools and the right training. We often get stuck - this is because we do not know where to start and how to accelerate to the top!

How can we overcome in mental block?

We need shortcuts - sounds cheesy, but think about it we use various shortcuts in life daily, cars, computers, telephones, cell phones and other technologies that make life easy for us!


TRUTH: List building is not easy!

An average marketer struggles through for 3-5 years before they can gather a respectable mailing list. Traditionally people needed a website, product, JV partners, and most important of all, they needed prior experience to start building a responsive email list.

Wait! That's the past...

Say "Hello" to the future - this is the new wave of Internet Marketing!

A cutting edge breakthrough technology builds you a massive email list AUTOMATICALLY.

Magic List Bot is the #1 software of it's kind, this breakthrough new technology allows you to build laser targeted double opt-in (legal) email leads from any website or squeeze page you do not own!


Sounds impossible? Check out our results below:

With the help of Magic List Bot and our secret, underground traffic generation methods we were able to generate a double optin email list of 685 subscribers in just 7 days - from scratch on a completely fresh and new autoresponder account with no help from our other businesses!


"I've not seen anything like this before. . .! "


Chris Cobb

Paul, have not seen anything like this before!
When I saw your demo, I just sat there staring at my laptop for a few minutes - I could not quite believe it!


As you know I pay for traffic and I pay for leads. In fact, most of my business requires me to spend money in order to make money.

This has definitely got my attention and I am going to be showing all of my partners, students and subscribers this for sure!

Not only does this build a free list, but it does it FAST. I have always seen free as slow and time-consuming, but not any more.

Great work man! and thanks for sharing this one.


Just push the button whenever you wish and make money while you sleep!

It's that easy once you have a responsive mailing list! All of you have to do is copy/paste some emails (which we give you!) and push the "send" button. It really cannot get any easier than this.

Until today the gurus told you that you needed a product, a website, name recognition, and an established presence in the market to build up to 100,000 email leads...

The truth is, with Magic List Bot you need none of these. You are essentially taking a short-cut by legally "stealing" all these from established websites that you don't own or create in the first place!

These are websites that took years to create. With Magic List Bot you can now get your fair share of the BILLION DOLLAR PIE.

Magic List Bot uses a unique never seen before PROVEN and time tested technology. You can now...

Build a massive email list 500% faster (sonic speed) on complete autopilot!

Build Consistent Income Streams: Get paid to build your list, today, tomorrow, and for years to come!

'Set and forget': setup of the software takes less than 5 minutes.

Expand your business with ZERO experience!

Snatch email leads from websites such Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other social networking platforms where people will willingly give you their name and email and beg you to sell stuff to them.

Make money almost every time you use the software. Guaranteed!
Earn money from Pay Per Click, CPA networks and Affiliate networks without spending a single penny.
Stop wasting hours on keywords, market research, and niche selection. Point. Click and Earn - it is that easy!
Automatically get buyer leads from established websites such as Amazon, PayDotCom, and other websites with push button simplicity!

This Is No Exaggeration!
I know what you're probably thinking right now...

Part of your brain is thinking that this could be the biggest hyped up pile of junk that you've ever seen.

But another part of your brain is wondering... could this be real? Could they really have found the holy grail of the Internet marketing world...?

A push button list builder which does not require a product or a website?

A cutting edge money spinning technology?!

You've got to be kidding....

Heck no...! Open your eyes and look around you. This page is filled with proof, if you are still not convinced then you will never be...

The time has come for you to finally step up and join the guru elite. As shown above we were able to build 685 double optin leads in just 7 days from scratch on 100% Autopilot. This list is already making us $715 / month.

Imagine using Magic List Bot for a year. The possibilities are endless, you build an email list of 1000, 5000, or even 10,000 leads depending on how well you can "copy and paste" simple, easy to follow steps.

Look at some of the phenomenal results we have achieved this year. All the results are from the year 2009:

*Case Study 1*
We Almost Doubled Our Income in The Past One Month Using
Magic List Bot!


*Case Study 2*
We generated $69,501.09 already this year using the same Magic List Bot
eMail Marketing Strategies!



". . .I've seen it, I've used it and I LOVE IT! "


Dave Nicholson

Hey Paul,
I just finished taking a look at your latest creation 'Magic List Bot' and I have to say it, Magic List Bot totally rocks!

You guys really hit the ball out of the park with this one, as usual!
I know for a fact that people are going to absolutely LOVE this, I mean, what's not to love!

Building a massive list with no product, no website, no JV's and no investment, was unheard of BEFORE you guys stepped in with Magic List Bot.

Now it's reality, I've seen it, I've used it and I LOVE IT!

Keep up the great work, and thank you for introducing me to this awesome software!


Even if you know little to nothing about internet marketing you know that some internet marketers make more money in a month than what an average person in a 9-5 job makes in a year!

How do they do this?

MYTH : Newbies and non experienced internet marketers think that once you have a product, a website and some JV partners you are set to make millions online... right?

They are all wrong...

MYTH BUSTED: To make real consistent income online you need a mailing list. This single factor differentiates successful internet marketers from non successful ones.

You don't really need a product and a website to make money online. There are hundreds, thousands or even millions of affiliate marketers online who make hundreds of thousands of dollars with no product and no website.

I am sure you have already heard about Pay Per Click, CPA marketing and other similar concepts. They use this same phenomenon, you do not need a product to make money!

Convinced yet...?

If you still need more proof, check out some of our affiliate accounts below. This is the income we generate each month on complete auto-pilot. Our auto-responder sequence we set up a year ago still makes money like clock work every day!

Truly a 100% Hands free system...

*Case Study 3*
Over $7,000 in Pure Profits From " Set and Forget" Income Streams and
Copy & Paste emails!



*Case Study 4*
Another "Set and Forget" Income Stream - Once Set Up This
Copy And Paste Business Model Runs Itself!

Your Success is Important to Us!


My team and I have worked hard to put together a complete training system from which you can benefit instantly.

We will give you the tools, the training, and share everything we know about list building, traffic generation and affiliate marketing. This will be updated daily. I will take a notepad with me over the next few weeks and any feature you request for the software, I will make sure will get it implemented and updated instantly. You will receive free lifetime updates.

It is truly a "cut and paste" system that you can instantly benefit from!

Let me tell you up front, with Magic List Bot you can say good bye to:

Squeeze Pages Bulk-mails Co-reg Leads Spam
Email Scrapers Purchased Leads Backlinks Adswaps

Using hundreds of different tools can be time consuming, confusing and over whelming. STOP wasting time on useless, overprized software packages and pitchfest seminars that don't deliver and contribute to information overload....

Get one proven solution that will work for you 24 hour a day and 7 days a week even when your internet is tuned off and computer is shut down!

Install Magic List Bot - Set it up - and start making money. It's that easy. No theory, no 200 page 'ebook' that 'tells' you what to do but never delves into the specifics or shows you 'how to do'. With Magic List Bot, all you have to do is follow 3 simple steps and start making money.

Look at some of the powerful features of Magic List Bot:


I am amazed at what Magic List Bot did for my business in a VERY short time!


Sinela Gherman

Paul, Magic List Bot is another pleasant and shocking surprise from you!


I have been wondering for months how to convert my twitter followers into subscribers. Now with your magic software I know.

I want to express my profound gratitude to you for this impressive cutting edge software technology that builds a massive Double-optin Leads on Autopilot!

I am amazed at what Magic List Bot did for my business in a VERY short time.

Yes, this is the fastest and easiest way to build a massive email list I've ever seen.
I had no idea how to build buyer leads from Twitter, eBay, Amazon and add them to my autoresponder on autopilot.

Thank You! You have Over Delivered Again Paul!

Wait... Read Below Before Your Order!

If you order in the next 24 hours we will give you two brand new software packages worth over $297 for FREE!


Hands down this will be the most powerful and user friendly software you downloaded this year! Grab the Magic List Bot software package along with the awesome bonuses before they expire...

(Brand New, never launched before)

Instantly create world class unblockable popups in minutes!
Also included is the "light box" popup technology which will convert most of your website visitors into life long subscribers!
This converts website visitors into sales and skyrockets your profits instantly!

A massive vital Twitter software that brought me 11,000+ Twitter followers and thousands of dollars at sonic speed!  
This software will be launched separately in early 2010 but you can get this FREE today.
New Bonus Addition:

Get instant access to a complete set of viral and hypnotic twitter backgrounds.
Guaranteed Results - Make more sales, increase your popularity and get hundreds of targeted twitter followers!

Don't forget...this is only the icing on the cake... We could go all day listing the incredible amount of fast-action bonuses you will receive.

Inside the bonuses area you will find additional bonuses worth over $2,191. But the bonuses are extremely limited and may be removed at any time.

With this much value you can never go wrong...


Warning: This combo package is easily worth more than $297. We considered the price point of $197 for the Magic List Bot software alone, however as a launch discount we are offering this software at an one-time single payment of $9.95 only!

Get Magic List Builder  & Start NOW!

One Time Risk Free Investment Of $1,999 $595 $249.97 $149.97 $95.95
The Next Few Clients Only. ... ..


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