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Fully uncut and uncensored edition of this absolute must see for fans of extreme sleaze.
A young virgin, Magadalena (Dagmar Hedrich) ,orphaned at a boarding school for girls is raped and possessed by an invisible demon which exists the corpse of a recently deceased Satanist.Possessed by the demonic spirit Magdalena spews obscenities and runs around naked."Magadalena,Possessed by the Devil" is loaded with delicious sleaze and exploitative elements. This indescribably blatant German-produced rip-off of "The Exorcist" is entertaining for literally ALL the wrong reasons! "Magdalena Possessed by the Devil" takes all the qualitatively great elements of William Friedkin's classic horror milestone (like suspense, shock-impact, smart dialogs, complex character drawings, pea soup vomit, etc…) and replaces them with sleaze, sleaze and … more sleaze! But hey, lead actress Dagmar Hedrich is fully curved and several years older than Linda Blair was in "The Exorcist", so at least you don't have to feel like a pervert when watching this. The scenario is incoherent from start to finish and doesn't make one iota of sense most of the time, but seriously who cares when there are copious amounts of gratuitous nudity and perversity to enjoy? The story opens with a young girl in a boarding school getting possessed by evil forces overnight. This appears to be happening automatically following the death of an elderly Satanist. The next morning Magdalena wakes up and says really naughty things to her boarding school teachers and the local priest. The absolute highlight of Magdalena's poetry: "I do want to take communion, but not in my mouth… Stick it right here in my pussy…" An absolute must see film.

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