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THE ULTIMATE  GOLDEN AGE "MAGAZINE ENTERPRISES COMICS"  DIGITAL COMIC BOOK COLLECTION!! 90 "MAGAZINE ENTERPRISES COMICS" COMIC BOOKS ON 1 DVD-ROM   Magazine Enterprises was an American comic book company lasting from 1943 to 1958, which published primarily Western, humor, crime, adventure, and children's comics, with virtually no superheroes. It was founded by Vin Sullivan, an editor at Columbia Comics and before that the editor at National Allied Publications. Enjoy these Golden Age Comics from yesteryear. Most are complete comics that include ads, etc. *BEWARE OF PURCHASING THESE ANYWHERE ELSE! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!* WE HAVE SPENT THOUSANDS OF HOURS RESTORING, RE-MASTERING & RE-DIGITIZING OUR MATERIALS TO GIVE YOU THE BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE. YOU WILL NOT FIND THIS QUALITY ANYWHERE ELSE. WE HAVE CORRECT FORMATS & FILE NAMES AND FREE COMIC VIEWING SOFTWARE FOR PC OR MAC. HERE IS THE FULL LIST OF THE DIGITAL COMICS THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE A 1 COMICS 001 A 1 COMICS 002 A 1 COMICS 003 A 1 COMICS 028 AMERICAN AIR FORCES 004 AMERICAN AIR FORCES 008 AVENGER THE 02 AVENGER THE 03 AVENGER THE 04 BADMEN OF THE WEST 01 BADMEN OF THE WEST 02 BOBBY BENSON 03 BOBBY BENSON 06 BOBBY BENSON 08 CAMERA 9 CAVEGIRL 12 CAVEGIRL 13 CLUBHOUSE RASCALS 1 CLUBHOUSE RASCALS 2 DANIEL BOONE 008 DOTTY DRIPPLE 23 DURANGO KID 001 DURANGO KID 013 DURANGO KID 017 DURANGO KID 020 DURANGO KID 025 FUNNYMAN 004 FUNNYMAN 005 GHOST RIDER 03 GHOST RIDER 04 GHOST RIDER 06 GREAT WESTERN 011 IM A COP 001 IM A COP 011 JET 001 JET 002 JET 003 JET 004 JOAN OF ARC LITTLE MISS SUNBEAM 1 LITTLE MISS SUNBEAM 2 LITTLE MISS SUNBEAM 3 LITTLE MISS SUNBEAM 4 MAJOR INAPAK THE SPACE ACE 01 GIVEAWAY MANHUNT 004 MANHUNT 013 RED MASK 051 RED MASK 052 SEVEN SEAS COMICS 01 SEVEN SEAS COMICS 02 STAR PARADE PRESENTS DICK POWELL ADVENTURER STRAIGHT ARROW 050 STRONGMAN 003 THE BRAIN 01 THE BRAIN 02 THE BRAIN 03 THE BRAIN 04 THE BRAIN 05 THE BRAIN 06 THE BRAIN 07 THE BRAIN 08 THE BRAIN 09 THE BRAIN 14 THE PIXIES 001 THUNDA KING OF THE CONGO 001 THUNDA KING OF THE CONGO 006 TICK TOCK TALES 001 TICK TOCK TALES 004 TICK TOCK TALES 006 TICK TOCK TALES 007 TICK TOCK TALES 008 TICK TOCK TALES 009 TICK TOCK TALES 010 TICK TOCK TALES 011 TICK TOCK TALES 015 TICK TOCK TALES 016 TICK TOCK TALES 018 TICK TOCK TALES 019 TICK TOCK TALES 024 TIM HOLT 002 TIM HOLT 005 TIM HOLT 033 TIM HOLT 034 TIM HOLT 036 UNDERCOVER GIRL 5 WHITE INDIAN 011 WHITE INDIAN 012 WHITE INDIAN 013 WHITE INDIAN 014 WHITE INDIAN 015 THIS IS A 1 DVD DISK SET WITH 90 DIGITAL COMICS ISSUES ON THEM. THEY ARE VIEWABLE ON YOUR COMPUTER WITH THE INCLUDED COMIC VIEWING SOFTWARE. YOU CAN PRINT OUT PAGES OR READ ON THE COMPUTER. THE BEST PART IS THEY NEVER WEAR OUT. GREAT FOR THE KIDS, AND EVEN HELPS THEM READ! Windows System Requirements: * Intel Pentium Processor * Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP * 32MB RAM * DVD-DRIVE    MAC System Requirements: * MAC OS X v.10.2.8 or 10.3 * 32MB RAM * DVD-DRIVE DISK or DISKS COME NO FRILLS. THEY'RE JUST A SET OF PLAIN DISK OR DISKS IN A PAPER SLEEVE WITH ULTIMATE QUALITY CONTENT. THEY WILL PLAY ON A COMPUTER WITH THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS AS STATED ABOVE. ALL COMICS ARE IN A DIGITIZED FORMAT. YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING PHYSICAL PAPER COPIES. We urge you to compare anywhere else. We have the highest quality at the lowest cost. Disks come no frills in paper sleeve. We ship USPS First Class Mail usually within 24 hours of cleared payment in Padded Envelopes for Maximum Protection. All material has been extensively researched with the copyright office and all materials have been determined to be in the public domain. No copyrights are infringed. If applicable, characters are trademarks of their respective owners and are only used for descriptive purposes as allowed by fair use law to describe product being sold. Seller has no affiliation with any publishers of the original materials nor trademark owners and no affiliation is intended or implied. The Ultimate MAGAZINE ENTERPRISES COMICS COLLECTION DISK SET is copyright 1993-2007 and may not be reproduced, copied or resold under any circumstances. Auction or Sales Policy:: Your bid or purchase is a contract - Place a bid only if you're serious about buying the item. If you are the winning bidder, you will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item. 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