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You are bidding on a cool DVD of some of the rarest video moments from Madonna's promotion of her controversial BLOND AMBITION 1990 WORLD TOUR and her #1 hit single and video "Vogue." Included in this 2 hour DVD are:

Madonna's strange appearance on Japan's GOLD DISC AWARDS (including the live "Express Yourself" rehearsal from Disney Studios in LA with Madonna in wet hair!), MTV's "SNEAK PREVIEW" special featuring Downtown Julie Brown at rehearsals for the BLOND AMBITION TOUR in Los Angeles (including a rare rehearsal of "Vogue" and weird outtakes from the "Express Yourself" video), the world premiere of "Vogue" and numerous reports on its relevance in pop culture, tons of great vintage promo commercials from MTV, MTV and ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT reports of Madonna's BLOND AMBITION TOUR opening nights in Japan and USA, MTV's cool 1/2 hour Kurt Loder interview BREAKFAST WITH MADONNA (taped in Tokyo, Japan), Madonna's sassy 1990 interview with ARSENIO HALL (not entire show, some in poor quality), MTV's "Blonde Date With Madonna" weekend coverage with Downtown Julie Brown and Kurt Loder at the Houston shows (including rare full length performances of "Holiday" and "Keep It Together"), plus the weird 1990 Japanese commercial for ELLE SEINE with a baby touching Madonna's face set to the music of "Pray For Spanish Eyes!" This is a lot of rare Spring 1990 footage of MADONNA! MADONNA! MADONNA!

While much of this footage is in GOOD to VERY GOOD condition, some of this footage was originally taped onto VHS in LP or SLP and therefore, not the best quality. The 1st part of the Arsenio Hall interview and the ELLE SEINE commercial are particularly poor - and we apologize for that. Please let us know if you have any questions.