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- includes all 2011 - 2012 updates , face
charts ( including surf baby, Quite Cute, MAC A/W 2011 ) etc ..
there are now over 76 printable blank face charts instead of 50 *
My MAC Ebook is always updated even tho i dont always update the
item description ~ Kristy ;)
MAC Pro Cosmetics Training Manual Ebook / CD
AKA "The Knowledge Beauty Bible"
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recieving your MAC Cosmetics Manual
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All the following Ebooks / Manuals are included:
- MAC Product Knowledge and Training Manual
Ebook: 544 pages 2008 Version
- MAC Product Knowledge Manual - 603 Pages 2005 Version
- MAC Lessons for Skin Care and Preparation Ebook
- Bridal Makeup- MAC Master Class Lesson
- FX Special Effects Character Makeup - MAC Master Class
17 Bonus MAC E- Manuals:
1. 10 Easy Steps for Applying Flawless Makeup
2. Achieving a Natural Look with Your Makeup
3. Create Your Own Special FX Makeup Guide
4. Guide to Applying Flawless Makeup
5. How to Apply Makeup for Photographs
6. How to Clean Makeup Brushes
7. Keeping Summer Makeup Fresh
8. Secrets of the Desperate Housewives
9. The Ultimate Guide to Touching Up Your Makeup
10. The Ultimate Prom Makeup Guide
11. Turning Daytime Makeup into Nighttime Makeup Made Easy
12. MAC Catherine Deneuve - Colour (A Rose, Sable, Sharp
Beige, Strawberry Blonde)
13. MAC Catherine Deneuve - Face (Elegant Peach, Pink Velvet,
Soft Dew, Thunder)
14. MAC Culture Bloom (buzz and blossoms, Culture bloom,
Flowerosophy, freshly planted)
15. MAC Bridal Looks
16. M-A-C In Mode (Cheeks, eyes, lips)
17. MAC Viva Glam
20 Bonus Cosmetics Videos:
There are a total of 20 of these specific How To videos , You
can find more of these videos online for Free at
and 1000's of video tutorials on You Tube and they are FREE !, I
will not be adding more videos to my Ebook / Manuals ( those listed
will remain ).My main focus is Face Charts and my MAC Manuals /
Master Classes.
1. how to apply blusher to dark skin.
2. how to apply bronzer.
3. how to apply foundation to dark skin.
4. how to apply foundation to mature skin.
5. how to apply lip liner.
6. how to apply lipstick.
7. how to apply lipstick to mature lips.
8. how to apply liquid eyeliner.
9. how to apply liquid foundation.
10. how to apply mascara.
11. how to apply pencil eyeliner.
12. how to apply powder foundation.
13. how to apply translucent powder.
14. how to conceal bags under your eyes.
15. how to create a 60s look.
16. how to create a natural daytime look.
17. how to define eyebrows if you are over 40.
18. how to use and apply fake eyelashes.
19. how to use highlighter and bronzer on dark skin.
20. how to use makeup to conceal the common signs of agying
on mature .
MAC Face and Look Charts:

Some Charts have more than one view * IE Blonde Brunette
Redhead has a total of 6 Face Charts and 6 Pre-Launch Looks meaning
you get a total of 12 charts from the Blonde Brunette Redhead
Collection. Not all Charts have multiple views *There are also
looks from MAC Collections that didnt have Face Charts during their
launch such as the MAC Chill, Monagram, Sugar Sweet etc .. 
Barbie Loves MAC
Catherine Deneuve Colour 
Catherine Deneuve Face
Cult of Cherry
Culture Bloom
Cool Heat
Electro Flash 
MAC Bridal 1
MAC Bridal 2
MAC Fall Backstage
MAC Halloween 2000 - 2008
MAC In Mode
Naughty Nauticals
Neo Sci - Fi
NYC Fashion Week
Smoke Signals
Tease Me
Tempt Me
Viva Glam Celebrity Looks
Liza for MAC
High Tea
Red Haute
Rebel Rock
Madame B
MAC Originals
Raquel Welch
Strange Hybrids
Eve C - Shock
Be Seen
World Looks
Femme Noir
Go Lightly
Diana Ross
MAC - N - Collection
A Mei
Deja Rose
Sweetie Cake
Belle Azure
C Squeeze
Fine and Dandy 
Colour Scheme 
Pop Mode
Perverted Pearl
Colour Theory
MAC Creations
Idol Eyes
Naturally Eccentric
Fab Florals
Tan Rays
Colour Forms
Red She Said
Dame Edna
Brunette Blonde Redhead
Hello Kitty Mild / Wild
Classic Coordinates
Lux Deluxe
Pool Party
Sleek Chic
Snow Girl
Who's That Lady
A Rose Romance
Graphic Garden
Sugar Sweet
Style Warrior 
Extra Charts and Faces
Spring / Summer 09 
Fall / Winter 09
Colour Craft
Metal Urge *Faces*
Fall 09 Artist looks by Marilyn Minter, Richard Phillips,
Maira Kalman
Back Stage Charts for Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 2009
MAC Style Black
MAC Halloween 2009
Magic Mirth and Mischief
All Races All Ages All Sexes
Love Lace
Warm N Cozy
Creating the Looks 2010
The Trends 2010
Spring Colour Forecast 1 2 3 & 4
Cyndi Lauper - Viva Glam
Lady GaGa - Viva Glam
Pret A Papier
MAC S/W 2010
Fall Winter AW 2010 Charts ( New York , London , Milan and
Paris )
To the Beach
In The Groove
Fabulous Felines
Venomous Villains
Tartan Tale
MAC S/W 2011
Surf Baby   
Inspiration Photographs:
Eyes Lips Face
MAC Collection Photographs and Viva Glam 
Bridal Photos, Female Icons, Makeup Art,
MAC Behind the Scenes ( DSquared, Style Black , Halloween
09 )
16- Printable MAC BLANK Face Charts ( All Different ) 1-
Makeup Planner Chart (Included is a guide to designing on
Face Charts , Types of Paper to use , Products , Brushes etc .. )

33- Extra Blank Face Charts ( non - mac charts

3- Blank Eye Charts 1- Lip Chart 
-MAC Articles - straight from the catwalk 2008
-MAC Chinese Dress Tribute 2007 ( 11 pgs )
-MAC Collections Reference 1996 - 2009
-MAC Reference Guides- ( Zoom to View ) 2000 -2008
-MAC Eyeshadows , Lipsticks , Lipglass and Pigments
-Eye Reference - Diagram and more
-MAC Shade Reference - Find your Perfect Color
-MAC's History - Make Up Artist Cosmetics
-MAC Brush Focus - Eyes, Lips , Face and Brush Care ( 15 pg
guide )
-MAC Fall 2008 Beauty Trends
Extra Make-up Short Books:
- All About Eyes Lips and Skintones
- Makeover get the Look- Asian Bridal,Drag Queen Makeup, Goth
, Prom , No Makeup , Soft Goth , Bollywood , Rock Chick ,
Burlesque Look , Pastel Makeup and Autumn Trends
-MAC Cosmetics For The Newly Addicted ( 18 pages / 10 part
guide )
-MAC Spring / Summer Trends - 2008
-MAC Spring 2009 Runway Looks - Face Charts
-Kevyn Aucoin Make up Lesson - Eyes
-Makeup Tips on Eyes Lips and Face
-MAC Comprehensive Precautions
-Multi Uses for Pigments -
-Ford Model Beauty Tips - 40 Videos
-MAC Cosmetics and Ford Model Artist Videos 11- Videos
-MAC Pro Membership Application - United States and United
-Cosmetics Recipes for Lipgloss / Lip Balm
-Sunless Tanning Tips and Tricks - Achieving your perfect
sunless tan
-Artist Tips from MAC Pro's
-Fashion Week 2009 New York , London , Milan and Paris
MAC SS09 Looks :
- Artifice
- Back to Earth
- Hydrauminous
- Tendertone
- Revolutionary Nature
Overview of these SS09 Looks
-Real vs Fake MAC Guides and Links
-5 New Pro Artist Tips 2009 ( achieving the look )
-MAC Cosmetics Ebook FAQ's
-MAC Back to School ( MAC Classes and Studio Makeup Talk
includes helpful tips )
-MAC Makeup Tips
-MAC Bridal Style ( Whats your Bridal Style )
-Estee Lauder Summer Bridal Looks w/ Face Charts
-MAC Cosmetics Products Info
-How to Depot your MAC Eyeshadows and Blushes
-How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes
-MAC Eyeshadow Placement Diagram
-Decoding Your MAC Product Codes ( Ditch it or Keep it ? )
-Tips for using Lustre , Pigments and Loose Textured
-Back to MAC Program info and mail in form ( Mail in those
Empties for a Freebie )
-How to Become a Makeup Artist - Schools and Course Programs
-MAC Graphic Garden Sneak Peek - 8 Face Charts for July 2009
-MAC 2009 Face Charts * Spring , Summer Fall and Winter
Backstage )
Pro Guides and Application Techiniques:
- Pro Makeup Application
- Makeup Concealer How to Cover Up
- Red Lipstick How To Select Your Shade
- Secrets for Longer Lashes
-Organizing your Printed MAC Info
- Peta Cruelty Free Shopping List
- RAFW Makeup Master Class
- Selecting a Makeup Look
- Choosing your Eyeshadow Colors
- 50 Ways to Look Super in 50 Seconds or Less
- MAC C-Shock Eve Looks
MAC Tips and Tricks:
- 11 Luscious Lash Tips
- How to Apply MAC Highlight Powders
- Brushes
- Lashes
- Brows
- MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
- Designing on Face Charts
Behind the Scenes Photos
and More .. 
** Please remember this is a Ebook , All information listed
above is what you will recieve in your download / CD copy ! All
information can be printed and organized to your liking .. The
photos i added ( over 400 full color photos ) are what i use to get
different ideas for looks on myself and potential clients.
** MAC Does NOT offer this download / CD to the general
public, MAC offers a paper manual or book ( ie -2005 or 2008
version) to their employees only. All the other info such as face
charts , videos , bonus guides etc .. are just added extras for you
the buyer. I can not offer this item as a "Paper or Hard Back "
Book . Although all the information on the download / CD can be
printed. I thought id mention this so there is no confusion .. As
some buyers expect to recieve a "Physical Manual " which i cant
possibly give you. On rare occassions you can find "Physical
Manuals " on Ebay but they are just the employee handbook ( no face
charts , videos , extra manual or bonus guides ) and usually sell
for around $100 plus on a bidding auction.

** Notblonde08 / My Sweet
Addiction is the Owner of this MAC Ebook / Face Charts etc .. Alot
of the extras available in this package were designed and created
by me such as Multi Use for Pigments , Real vs Fake MAC , Parrot
look a like recipe, photos for ideas, Designing on Face Charts and
More ! Re-selling of my information and use of my photos without my
permission is prohibited as it is a violation of my
Copyrights.  I have spent several yrs collecting my MAC
manuals , face charts etc .. and have spent numerous hours
organizing my information as i use it for myself and on potential
clients. If you have any questions or want more info you can email
me at :) Thanks Kristy !
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