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You are viewing NEW M3 Rock Festival May 2012 8 Disc DVD Set. Columbia, Maryland May 11th & May 12th 2012. Features live performances and interviews. Pro shot. No commercials. Custom menus broken down by band selection below.

SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE: Warrant interviews and acoustic performance, Slash interview & Judas Priest:The Making of British Steel.

Includes: Case, Artwork shown in listing & DVD described below

1. Sunshine Jive
2. Reason For Me
3. Sunday Rain
4. Stop This Crazy Ride
5. Love Reaction
6. Under Summer Skies

Enuff Znuff:
1.Heaven Or Hell 


3.Baby Loves You 

4.We're All Alright 


6.There Goes My Heart 

7.Fly High Michelle 

8.Come Together
9.New Thing

Night Ranger:
1.Lay It On Me 

2.Sing Me Away 

3.Rumours In The Air 

4.Growing Up in California 

5.The Secret of My Success 

6.Touch of Madness 

7.Sentimental Street 

8.Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight 

9.High Enough
10.Four in the Morning 

11.When You Close Your Eyes 

12.Don't Tell Me You Love Me 

13.Sister Christian 

14.(You Can Still) Rock in America

1.Hot Wire 


3.No Ring Around Rosie 

4.Lie Like a Rug 

5.Midnite Dynamite 

6.Cold Blood 

7.Blow My Fuse

Great White:
1.Rock me
2.Once Bitten Twice Shy

1.Sing-Along Song 

2.Reach Out 

3.Calling On You 


5.To Hell With The Devil 

6.Soldiers Under Command

1.C'mon And Love Me 

2.Face Down in the Gutter 

3.What Keeps Me Lovin' You 


5.Inside Out

1.Sex Action 

2.Never Enough 

3.You Better Not Love Me 

4.Sweet Mystery 


6.Sleazy Come Easy Go 

7.Electric Gypsy 

8.The Ballad of Jayne 

9.Rip and Tear

Bang Tango:
1.Suck It Up 

2.Ready To Go 

3.Attack Of Life 

4.Bring On The World 

5.Soul to Soul 

6.Someone Like You

1.Crazy Nights 

2.Crazy Doctor 

3.Let It Go 

4.SE (Requiem) ~ The King Of Pain


1.Down Boys 

2.Innocence Gone 

3.Sometimes She Cries 

4.Life's A Song 


6.I Saw Red 

7.Sex Ain't Love 


9.The Last Straw 


11.Uncle Tom's Cabin 

12.Cherry Pie

Lynch Mob:
1.River of Love 

2.Mr. Scary
3.Where Do You Sleep at Night?
4.Sweet Sister Mercy 

5.Wicked Sensation

All Star Jam:
1. Rainbow In The Dark
2. All Right Now
3. Heaven And Hell

Quiet Riot:
1.Run For Cover 

2.Slick Black Cadillac 

3.Mama Weer All Crazee Now
4.Sign Of The Times 

5.Love's A Bitch 

6.Cum On Feel The Noize
7.Metal Health (Bang Your Head)

1.Get Started 


3.I Don't Believe in Love 

4.Hit the Black 

5.I'm American 

6.NM 156 

7.Screaming in Digital 

8.The Lady Wore Black 

9.Walk in the Shadows 

10.Silent Lucidity 

11.Jet City Woman 


13.Eyes of a Stranger

Skid Row:
1.Big Guns 

2.Piece of Me 

3.New Generation 

4.Slave to the Grind 

5.I Remember You 

6.Monkey Business 

7.18 and Life 

8.Youth Gone Wild

1.Dangerous But Worth The Risk 

2.Scene of the Crime 

3.In Your Direction 

4.Wanted Man 

5.I'm Insane 

6.Lay It Down 

7.Lack Of Communication
8.Take A Big Bite
9.Way Cool Jr. 

10.You Think You're Tough 

11.Nobody Rides For Free 

12.Body Talk 

13.Back For More 

14.You're In Love 

15.Round And Round

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