Item Description

There is no date on or within this Lunar Models Mini Series Collection “Full Scale” Limited Edition model kit of Jupiter II, the ship from the classic “Lost in Space” 1960s TV series, however, the original newspaper that the ship halves are wrapped in within each of the two sets I have are dated April 1994 and July 1993 (The Dallas Morning News). I obtained these new in 1994 for a store that closed 4 months later with these unsold. The ship diameter is a little over 4-1/2”, small enough to hide as a cool trophy on a desk. I include a scan of the enclosed sheet with “General Build & Paint Proceedure (sic)”.   It shows 4 model variations images and that the 5 th is a complete set with all possible parts. The cover of these model boxes indicates Kit No. SF-051, but the boxes only include the 2 ship halves, the dome and hollow brass tubing and struts. The dome and struts are still sealed in original poly bag. Even though both of my sets have the same parts, without the other leg parts the brass fittings seem superfluous to me and the effective kit is the so-called “Pilot Version – Kit No SF049” as shown, but you may know better. These are more rare then the larger Jupiter 2 kits.