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I will send you an email with the link after I receive the payment to download the FULL Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone program, which includes:

- Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone by Jeremy Soul

- BONUS 1: "An Introduction to Day Game" Interview with Soul

- BONUS 2: "Overcoming Approach Anxiety" by Carbeau

- BONUS 3: "Master Your Dating Life in One Year" by J. Farmer

- BONUS 4: "First Dates" Interview with Bonsai
If you see a pretty girl and don't know what to say (or do)... Then this guide is for you
Would you like to:

Be able to comfortably and easily talk to women that interest you - in all different types of social settings and always know what to say?
Have complete freedom and choice in your love life?
Meet, attract and date sexy girls (who share your interests) - without having to use cheesy pick up lines, or pretend to be someone you're not?
AND do it all without feeling awkward, nervous, manipulative or lost for words?

If so, then keep reading to find out how an average looking, short guy from the other side of the world has used this never before released system to routinely meet, date and sleep with gorgeous women (from students, to models and even just cute everyday girls).

"You cross paths with many pretty, available women every day - at the coffee shop, supermarket, even walking down the street, and most guys don't know what to do, so they do nothing. It doesn't have to be this way."

- Jeremy Soul, Author of Daytime Dating
Has This Ever Happened to You?
You see a beautiful woman pass you by in the street, sitting across from you on the subway, or even browsing a magazine in the bookstore next to you. You notice something special about her, the way she looks, the way she moves - you're attracted to her.

And you do absolutely nothing.

Maybe you admire her from a distance, or point her out to one of your friends... perhaps you even exchange looks with her, and for a brief second there's a spark of possibility.

But your self doubt, inaction, fear, or simply having no idea of what to do (or say), means that she goes about her day and you go about yours, kicking yourself for being so lame.

You'll never know what could have been. She could have been "the one," the wildest sex of your life or even just a fun girl to hang out with - but you'll never know.

Instead, the life you want, the women you desire and the experiences that beckon will pass you by. You'll spend time frustrated, alone and wondering why it's so easy for some guys... but not for you. You might even just "make do" with the women that come into your life, think back to your college girlfriend, or "hope" that the right girl for you... will just enter your life one day. Right?

Well, what if I told you that a short, average looking Sri Lankan guy knows...
A Foolproof Approach That you can use to consistently meet pretty women in almost any daytime venue. To talk with them... Date them... And bring them back home with you.

Enter Jeremy Soul. If you don't know him, he's the world's number one coach on daytime dating, aka day game. He's one of the world's most respected and sought after dating coaches and was voted to be the "world's best pick up artist in 2008" and has consistently rated in the Top 10 dating coaches worldwide...

This is a guy who has even managed to pick up a model who was out shopping with her mum! He has been featured on TV shows and filmed on hidden cameras to prove that he really does 'walk the walk' and can masterfully meet, attract and date women that just "pass him by" - anywhere, anytime.
So What's His Secret?
Because he's not rich... he's average looking... and he used to be an awkward, hopelessly nervous mess around members of the opposite sex. And yet, now he regularly dates all kinds of beautiful and interesting women, from all over the world.

Well Soul just happens to be a very smart guy. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, from University College London - one of the most highly reputed academic institutions in the UK.

Refusing to settle for a single life full of wanting, mediocrity and awkwardness around women, Soul started to push the boundaries of female psychology and dating science with some ground breaking research.

The results have proved to be epic.

After trying thousands of approaches, hanging out with some of the greatest dating masters in the world, intimately studying the attraction psychology of women and then refining his strategies, Soul has developed a masterful 3-step system that any man can use (regardless of his looks, drawbacks or past failures) to easily meet, attract and date women they see during the daytime.

This is powerful stuff and it's all been laid out in a way that is very easy to understand and apply.

Read on to learn how this breakthrough method will specifically work to meet your needs.