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Love on the Dole   Deborah KerrPAL or NTSCLove on the Dole, a dramatisation of the novel by Walter Greenwood, emerged during the darkest days of the Second World War, dealing with the Depression of the 1930's, mass unemployment, poverty, pre-marital pregnancy, riots and prostitution - not exactly an uplifting, patriotic film.  This film was originally proposed in 1936, only to fall foul of the censor, who described it as "a very sordid story in a very sordid surrounding."Eventually, by the time the same censor passed the scenario in 1940, war had changed the rules.  Mass unemployment no longer existed; there was war work for everyone, even women. There was also a feeling that the past had to be acknowledged and a determination that such unemployment and poverty should not be repeated. Such sentiments are expressed in the opening and closing statements of the film (the latter added in 1947), while Mrs Hardcastle, in the film's closing lines, says, " day we'll all be wanted. The men who've forgotten how to work, and the young 'uns who've never had a job. There must be no Hanky Park, no more."The film reinforces the view that Britain and its working classes had survived such hardships and would survive others, and though dark in context the film is not without its lighter moments.  The quartet of older women, selling pawned goods and "nips" of whatever alcohol they can find, bitch, backbite and bicker about their neighbours providing much needed comic relief, not unlike the soaps of today.Deborah Kerr is superb, playing against the type she would later become more famous as (the beautiful, well-spoken lady), but here she is an ordinary working class girl brought up in "Hanky Park",  (the lass that all the lads would like to walk out with) who will eventually be forced to make a heart-breaking choice for the sake of her family.Deborah Kerr ...  Sally Clifford Evans ...  Larry George Carney ...  Mr. Hardcastle Mary Merrall ...  Mrs. Hardcastle Geoffrey Hibbert ...  Harry Joyce Howard ...  Helen Frank Cellier ...  Sam Grundy Martin Walker ...  Ned Narkey Maire O'Neill ...  Mrs. Dorbell Iris Vandeleur ...  Mrs. Nattle Marie Ault ...  Mrs. Jike Marjorie Rhodes ...  Mrs. BullRuntime:94 min Country:UKFormat:dvdr Region:Worldwide Play  Language:EnglishColor:Black and White  Sound Mix:MonoCertification:UK:UFilming Locations: Blackpool Lancashire England
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