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Love Me, Love My Doll focuses on a group of men who have
fallen in love with their life-size
dolls, called Real Dolls. For these men, their $10,000
lifelike, built-to-order creations have
replaced human women. Find out what makes these men tick, as
they give you a peek at life with their synthetic dreamgirls.
The show provides a glimpse of several men and how they
interact with their dolls. Davecat, who lives with his parents, has
one doll whom he seems to truly love. He treats her as a girlfriend
and misses her when she is sent back to the factory for some
repairs. He is the most sympathetic of the men.
The man from Britain has several dolls, and I think that if
he did not have them, he would be a serial killer. He poses the
dolls, takes photographs with them, dresses them quite well, and
takes them driving with him. He sounds bitter and resentful toward
all women (except of course his mother - he still lives in his
childhood home where he keeps his mother’s room exactly how
it was when she died, eleven years ago).
The man from Texas is perhaps the most normal of the subjects
in the documentary (although very unlikeable). He has many dolls
and does not tend to them well. His dolls are fashioned, per his
requirements, with extremely large breasts. He also dresses them in
very slinky clothes and applies excessively garish make-up.
Apparently, he just uses his dolls for sex and not so much for
companionship (in other words, he does not anthropomorphize them,
which Davecat did).
Actually, the Texan has a girlfriend and, as the documentary
shows, is gearing up to tell her
about his dolls.
It is interesting that all these men feel that they need the
dolls, either for companionship or
to satisfy resentfulness or to provide sexual pleasure. Most
of the men resoundingly declare that the dolls are far superior to
real women. Of course, they all just seem bizarre to me. The show
is immensely fascinating, although creepy.
This documentary is in DVDR format, perfect quality.
Running Time: 50 minutes
Release Date: January 17, 2007