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a Tom Keene double feature of:

"Louisiana Gal" plus "Battle Of Greed" on DVD



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Handsome Tom Keene started out in the Twenties gaining attention with a role in Cecil B. DeMille's The Godless Girl (1929) and went on to become a Poverty Row western star in the 1930s. Although he appeared in some fine films such as Our Daily Bread (1934), he moved steadily down the Hollywood food chain, his career culminating with his role as Colonel Tom Edwards in Ed Wood's cult classic Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Louisiana Gal (1937, B&W): The Louisiana territory is a powder keg about to explode when the Spanish Governor slaps a heavy tax on American goods moving through the port of New Orleans. The Yankees are ready to react with guns and violence but calmer heads prevail. John Colfax (Tom Keene) is sent to President Jefferson (Allan Cavan) on a mission to broker a peaceful settlement. En route, Colfax is kidnapped by ambitious trader Luke Gilmore (Robert Fiske) who is raising an army in an attempt to seize control of Louisiana. Colfax must find a way to free himself to prevent the rampant bloodshed of an all-out war.

Starring: Tom Keene, Rita Hayworth, Will Morgan & Robert Fiske; Directed by: I. V. Willat.

Battle Of Greed (1936, B&W): Young lawyer John Storm (Tom Keene) leads a party of Indiana pioneers to to seek their fortune in the hills of Virginia City where silver has been discovered. Braving terrible hardship and suffering, the men finally hit on a rich silver strike. But a large mining company, in cahoots with the corrupt local authorities, conspires to steal the claim and John must wage the court battle of his life, in a desperate attempt to stop them.

Starring: Tom Keene, Gwynne Shipman, James Bush & Robert Fiske; Directed by: Howard Higgin.

  • Starring: Tom Keene & Rita Hayworth
  • Directed by: I.V. Willat & Howard Higgin
  • Originally Released in: 1937/1936
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Run Time: 1 hour, 58 minutes
  • Video: Black & White
  • Region: Region 0 encoding; Can be played worldwide, NTSC-format.


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This is a new, factory-sealed DVD of the "Louisiana Gal/Battle Of Greed" on Alpha Video.

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