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lot 80 skeins of 100% baby alpaca yarn

Indiecita DK 100% luxurious Baby Alpaca

4 Kg. Soft baby Alpaca Wool Yarn

Quantity: 80 SKEINS 50 GRAMS 113m-124ys each
TOTAL Weight: 4kg =8.818 lbs.
Material: 100 % baby Alpaca wool yarn = Alpaca wool fiber - Versatile for woven by hand or for machine knitting.

Needle Size: # 6

Colors: natural colors = gray, black, white, brown and beige

die colors = Burdund, .blue, Red , Mustard, Orange, Green, olive, Purple, black , purple, navy blue etc


New 14 colors available

please pick your color from the picture with the numbered colors

This offer is for 8 bags of 10 100% baby alpaca yarn skeins and it is put on market directly from Peru
This auction is for 8 sealed bags, each one contains 10 skeins in same NATURAL and DYE colors. You can choose the colors available which is showed on the picture skeins 40colors avaible. but only 8 different colors as maximum (one color per each bag).

Yarn is 4 ply made of 100% finest Baby Alpaca wool which is far; warmer and softer than, Adult Alpaca wool, cashmere, sheep and other wools.

top Quality Product

Delightfully soft to the touch, warm, luxurious yarn for making lace scarves, shawls, hats, socks, gloves, baby clothing, and small projects. BABYAlpaca fiber is five times warmer than sheep wool fiber, stronger than mohair, more luxurious than cashmere, and smoother than silk and it is hypoallergenic. Made in Peru.

The fiber

? Strong, light and wide range of colors .

? Its thickness is measured in microns, thin hair as a babe.

? It preserves the natural heat. Hypoallergenic (Not producing allergy), soft but strong and tough.

? Smooth as cashmere, and seven times warmer than the cashmere, three times stronger and lighter than wool sheep.

? The alpaca fiber, not scraping.

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to let me know
what numbered colors you want

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