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Elegant Huge Tibetan 108 11*9mm Beeswax Amber Extremely Long Buddhist Prayer Beads Mala Necklace from NEPAL -41"

-Very beautiful feminine looking!

Elegant huge 108 beeswax amber long Malas, with each bead around 11*9 mm, and around 41" in total length, extremely long and exactly as pictured! 108 is an important number in Buddhism because one must overcome 108 evils to reach enlightenment.

Matching prayer beads mala bracelet available as well. What a delicate set, with very beautiful feminine looking! This set shall definitely add a lot to your charm and beauty!

Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads Malas are also known as the Buddhist rosary, as a tool for repetition of a mantra during meditation. Prayer beads are used to count mantras, as your fingers pass over one prayer bead for each time you recite the mantra, which allow the mind to focus totally on the mantra, thus to achieve enlightenment easier.

By wearing such prayer beads mala necklace, you would be well protected. Definitely an exquisite and valuable handicraft for collector to grab!

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