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Film is in the Public Domain.

Marion Davies stars in this silent film, one of the biggest hits of her career, This is this rousing story of an Irish girl who poses as her dead brother to inherit a fortune in 18th century New York City. Davies is, as always, great fun to watch. A very underrated actress, Davies is very good as the prissy "boy" who plays a harp and sings awful tunes. This 1923 film is lavish and boasts huge crowd scenes, the usual historical touches of William Randolph Hearst. Davies has fun fighting with the neighborhood tough boys, being forced to dance with a fat girl, dancing a jig at a boxing match, and in the daring scene when she is tied to a post and whipped for ringing a false fire alarm. Little Old New York is set against historical facts (Fulton's steamboat) and uses real-life people--Cornelius Vanderbilt, Washington Irving, John Jacob Astor--to good dramatic effect. But this is a Marion Davies film all the way and she is wonderful. Harrison Ford co-stars (as Larry) along with Montagu Love, Spencer Charters, Louis Wolheim, and the improbably named Gypsy O'Brien.

This is a must see for fans of silent films.