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Directed by Agnès Varda
Writing credits Agnès Varda

Also Known As :
Lions, Love and Lies
Runtime: 110 min,   Country: USA / France, Language: English, Color, Sound Mix: Mono, Genre: Comedy / Drama

Improvised sixties art film starring Warholite Viva and the composers of the musical Hair James Rado & Gerome Ragni . If you wanna watch bored, rich hippies hang out in the Hollywood Hills, this is for you. Also features Eddie Constantine, Shirley Clarke, Peter Bogdanovich and a cameo by Jim Morrison.

“Agnes Varda presents an eccentric love story through disjointed episodic scenes that examine late 1960's social & political issues. Ragni, Rado and Viva play themselves, waiting for their big Hollywood break and casually drifting into a menage a trois. Varda captures the quirky, laid back lifestyle of 1960's Los Angeles as her characters contemplate metaphysics, the dangers of milk consumption, Hollywood sinking into the ocean, and try to understand why the Bank of America does not have a cash delivery service for non-customers. Along the way, Viva decides she might want children and rents some to see what the experience might be like. After discovering that the kids will not behave, will urinate in the pool and will only eat ketchup Viva concludes, "I think we have to find another way to a spiritual life”. "in all of these random details, Lions Love is very funny, cool, loose and honest, more adult than most films. It also possesses a sense of time and place. Lions Love is a kind of meta- Warhol movie which is charming. Miss Varda has taken Viva, Warhol 's most valuable found object and lit and framed her in a way that brings out the gentle pre-Raphaelite beauty suggested but never realized in Warhol's films . Varda has also found two perfect foils for Viva . Rado, blandly handsome and Ragni, who looks and acts like a liberated member of the three stooges share Viva's Talent for the magnificently convoluted non-sequitur."- Vincent Canby, NYT.

Transfer to NTSC, All Region DVD.

Comes in a plastic case with the label pictured.