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Starring: Wings Hauser, Marc Gomes, Guylaine St. Onge,
David Stratton and Matthew Walker
Lightning Force was an elite paramilitary team assembled by
the members of the International Oversight Committee for
Anti-Terrorism. Each of the four members of the team had specific
skills--Zeke, from Egyptian military intelligence, was an
experienced negotiator and field cook; Joan, from French security
services, was a pilot, computer expert and cryptologist; Church,
from the Canadian army, was a demolition expert, engineer, and
medic; and Trane, from U.S. Army Special Forces, was the team
leader with expertise in operations and mission planning.
Notable guest stars include: Meat Loaf and George Takei.
Overall Set Quality (scale of 1-10): 8
Genesis (1)
Genesis (2)
Belfast Says No
Smart Bullet
Recipe for Death
The Last Nazi
Fallout (1)
Fallout (2)
Deadly Machine
Deadliest Game
Setting Sun
M.I.A. (1)
M.I.A. (2)
Lightning Strikes Back
The Master (1)
The Master (2)
Enemy Hands (1)
Enemy Hands (2)
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