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item/brand: Lida DaiDaiHua Slimming Weight
Loss Diet Pills 1 box (30 soft gels in blister packs. Each soft gel
is 350 mg).
"Lida" Slimming formula is made from Chinese herbs, it is
produced through modern technology with the pure natural herbs ONLY
growing in the "Kingdom of Green Vegetation", Yunnan province and
possesses a unique slimming acknowledged by people of said province
for thousands of years.
It was purified and refined into useful content from "DaiDai"
by modern technology. Lida DaiDaiHua (basically just the name of a
Chinese flower) formula, approved by the state drug and food GMP
manufacturing standards and proven to have no side effects.

This medication speeds up your metabolism through
restraining re-ingestion of norepinephrine, namely, the adrenalin
B3 receptor, while brown fat tissue energy consumption is
increased. Clinical experiments have proven that Lida capsules can
speed up your metabolism by as high as 18 times. Also by
restraining the re-ingestion of 5-HT, the hunger feeling is
controlled while not influencing the normal nutrition-ingestion
process. It effectively controls the ingestion of calories while
the physiological needs are properly satisfied.

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