Item Description
Highly obscure and ultra sleazy
Italian exploitation shocker. Only ever available in Italian
language. Wide screen print.
"Libidine" is quite peculiar erotic
horror about a scientist, who performs some kind of experiment on
his snake. His adolescent daughter Anna has an erotic relationship
with the snake. Her stepmother played by Swedish porn queen Marina
Hedman has plenty of sex (both straight and lesbian) with a
perverted would-be rapist/butler AND Ajita Wilson. Very sleazy and
obscure Italian sickie with Cinza De Carolis pleasuring herself
with her beloved slimy pet. It certainly somewhat predates Japanese
Genki-Genki videos.Tons of sleaze and naked female flesh including
graphic sex, lesbian intercourse, masturbation and some very
bizarre acts indeed!. For fans of Italian ultra-smut like
"Bestialita","Oscenita" or "Giallo a Venezia".
Will play on any 
DVDrecorder / player manufactured since
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