Item Description
Lex Luger Shoot Interview DVD
Luger spoke about the death of Miss Elizabeth as well ashis arrest for drug possession in great detail. This is one of the most emotional interviews to date. This is a shoot interview you should not pass up as Luger doesn't hide from any question.

This is the only shoot with Luger where he covers the death of Elizabeth.

Here are just some of the topics he covered in one of our most detailed interviews to date:

  • Lex Luger had a famous start in football. Luger covers this part of his life as well as his first encounters with steroids while playing the sport.
  • How did he break into the business? What was Hiro Matsuda like, especially after hearing stories of him roughing up trainees? What was his memories of his first match?
  • What did he remember about Ed Gantner, including his tragic suicide?
  • What was his early matches with Wahoo McDaniel and Ric Flair like and how their experience really helped Luger out?
  • Luger talks in detail about the infamous Bruiser Brody cage match where Brody no-sold everything. What happened when Luger asked to talk to Brody after the match? How did this experience creep up again in matches with Stan Hansen?
  • What was his contract with the NWA for? How did Flair's recommendation help him in? How did other's feel towards his big contract? What did being a Horsemen mean? What did he remember about the other's in the group? What was Flair's life-style like? What were his memories of the first War Games?
  • When did he know that Jim Crockett was hurting financially? Why did his first meeting with Sting not go as smoothly as planned? What was his thoughts on Ted Turner buying the group? Did Vince McMahon ever contact him during his early NWA days?
  • What were his memories of the matches with Ric Flair at the Great American Bash and Starrcade 1988?
  • What are his views on blading?
  • What was his thoughts of Dusty Rhodes as a booker?
  • What was working Ric Flair like? Why was he his favorite opponent?
  • What did Ricky Steamboat teach him in 1989 that really helped his in-ring technique?
  • What were his memories of a young Brian Pillman?
  • What does he remember about Flair leaving WCW with the NWA title? Did he feel it hurt the title's credibility? Did he have a grudge with Flair about not losing the title to Luger in the ring?
  • What does he remember about the day he won the vacant title? What was being managed by Harley Race like?