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"Let's Wrestle" was a company based in Colorado (I
think). They featured young guys from ages 18-29, in submission
style wrestling. The matches were filmed mostly in a living room or
motel room, but there were some other locations. The guys appeared
to be straight, and were lean and tightly-muscled. They loved to
wrestle and win!
The company went out of business in December/2006
and I have a few of their DVDs stashed away. These were not
professionally produced, they were filmed with a camcorder, but
they have very good video quality. The audio quality is not that
great, some of them have a "buzzing" noise in the background. There
normally is not much to listen to anyway, the guys are mostly
silent while they wrestle, and don't do a whole lot of
They used all kinds of wrestling holds: headlocks,
scissors, full nelsons, armbars, bearhugs, etc. The holds are
long-held, once a guy locks a hold on his opponent, he keeps it on
for a long time! The DVDs mostly run from 30-60 minutes in length.
"Let's Wrestle" was a low-budget company and did not produce box
covers for their DVDs or tapes. The image shown in this listing is
the actual item being sold.
This DVD features veteran Jerry Owens vs. rookie
Eddie Hale. Eddie doesn't stand a chance against experienced
submission fighter Jerry. Jerry wears black, NHB-style wrestling
shorts. He is super-strong and applies a large variety of holds
against Eddie. There are tons of scissors and Jerry shoves Eddie's
face deep into his crotch long and hard. Jerry seems to like
looking into the camera while applying holds!
DVD does NOT contain sex or nudity.