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Let's Fall in Love
(Koi Seyo Otome)
The Complete Japanese Drama DVD Collection (1-19 End)
Japanese with English Subtitles
Format: DVD
If half the population is male, why can't Sachiko find a man who's right for her? No one ever said love was easy, but for Sachiko, whose love life has been non-existent for too long, it's starting to look like a hopeless task.
When she's not helping out her widowed father making rice balls at his shop, working at a research lab developing delicious snack foods, or watching over her sister, Nobuko, Sachiko Amano's mission is to find her perfect match, with her old high-school chums, Nanako, a recent divorcee, and Hinako, a chipper newlywed, as her co-conspirators. Every night after work, the girls gather over munchies and cold beer to sketch out their love-hunting game plan and swap tactics.
Sachiko meets man after man, each totally different from the last. Could this be the one? Does he love her? Does she love him? This everlasting love thing could be harder than she thought! Most importantly, given Sachiko's upbringing and line of work, the ideal man must truly appreciate great food. Otherwise, her beau could be any number of men she meets. Surrounded by culinary delights, Sachiko literally eats her way through her mission, using food for both consolation and a celebration of love!
A clever and delightful romantic comedy, Let's Fall in Love guarantees to bring a smile to your face.
Format : DVD
Language : Japanese
DVD Subtitles : English
Episodes : 1 - 19 end
Video: Excellent Quality
Region : All code region free ( Playable on any DVD Player )