Item Description

Super rare lost gem of a european horror film directed by Juan Bunuel (son of the great Luis Bunuel). From 1975, the story takes place in the 14th century where someone/something is killing off the children of the area and leaving a devastating black plague wherever it roams. Richard (the great Michel Piccoli) is a medieval nobleman. After his first wife dies in an accident and is buried in the family vault, he remarries and has children by his second wife. A mad longing for his first wife Leonor (played excellently by the hauntingly beautiful Liv Ullmann) comes over him, and he sells his soul to the devil for a chance to get her back. But when she returns, she is a murderous ghost plague-carrying vampire. Beautiful country cinematography, directing, soundtrack, & acting along with wonderful decrepit scary atmosphere and goose-prickling finale/ending.....this is a lost seventies european horror masterpiece. The version of LEONOR I have is uncut and ltbx..In english language..Comes on Region-Free dvd.