Item Description
Lemon Crystals Spider Brooch Pin
Accessorize your favorite outfit
or spice up apparel that just needs some extra kick
Glorious/Fabulous with Lemon Crystals Spider Brooch body with clear
8 Legs and mounted Crystals on her legs, her long, graceful legs
sparkle This piece is just SO stunning! Leamon Crystals silver
plated 8 legs with brilliant Very Sparkly! An absolutely gorgeous
vintage brooch ... Glam it up! Give every ensemble a feminine touch
with this beautiful brooch. Add a dash of drama with a bold,
eye-catching brooch. The brooch is beautiful crafted and
authenticated attaches securely with pin clasp. Picture this lovely
brooch on your favorite dress shirt scarf or jacket lapel
Material Used:Leamon Crystals Spider with Silver
plated Legs and mounted Crystals on her each legs
Pin Length: 1 inch long and wide 2 inches. Pin
Portion: portion of the brooch extends almost 1/4 inch past the
clasp and is positioned on the brooch in such a way that you can
wear it turned various ways
Guarante:100% Satisfaction for Material &
Workmanship used in making this Jewelry