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THE COMPLETE DRAMA W/ EXCELLENT ENGLISH SUBTITLES (Permanent) EXCELLENT QUALITY   Will Play on Most DVD-players and PSP players. Please note that the DVDs will come in sleeves with hand written titles. Please ask all questions before finalizing the transaction. All items are open to reasonable negotiations. Details from Wiki    Title: 향단전 / Legend of Hyang Dan    Genre: Romance, comedy    Episodes: 2    Broadcast network: MBC    Broadcast period: 2007-Sep-03 to 2007-Sep-04    Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 SynopsisThe drama is a twist to the well known classic story of The Legend of Chun Hyang. The big question revolving around this plot is what if the one that Lee Mong Ryong loves is not Chun Hyang but Hyang Dan? The drama will deliver a refreshing new comedy style.Cast    Choi Si Won as Lee Mong Ryong    Seo Ji Hye as Hyang Dan    Lee Ji Soo as Chun Hyang    Huh Jung Min as Bang Ja    Bang Eun Hee as Wol Mae (Chun Hyang's mother)    Im Hyun Sik as Huh Joon    Jung Han Hun as Shim Hak Gyu    Kim Dong Hyun as Suk Ho Pil    Kim Se Ah as Suk Ho Soon    Lee Sung Min as Ban Hak Do    Kim Kwang Gyu as Eui Jik          I also have other dramas for sale. . Send me a request and I will let you know if I have the drama you want. Please note that the DVDs will come in sleeves with hand written titles. All items are open negotiations. Please ask all questions before to avoid misunderstandings. I would like to get good feedbacks on all transactions.