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Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, John de Lancie, Mark Adair
Rios and Jarrad Paul
Ernest Pratt was a hard-drinking San Francisco dime novelist
in 1876 who assumed the identity of his literary creation, heroic
Nicodermus Legend, "The Knight of the Prairie". Pratt wasn't really
all that interested in helping people, but he was prodded into it
by Professor Bartok, an eccentric genius who lured him to Sheridan,
Colorado, and supplied him with a wide range of wondrous,
ahead-of-their-time devices. Among Bartok's inventions were
electrical zappers, a steam-powered car, a gasoline-powered
balloon, a bullet-proof vest and a miniature surveillance camera
mounted in a small, motorized, remote-controlled balloon.
Notable guest stars include: Stephen Baldwin, Robert Englund,
Lara Flynn Boyle and John Vernon.
Overall Set Quality (scale of 1-10): 8.5
Birth of a Legend
Mr. Pratt Goes to Sheridan
Legend on His President's Secret Service
Custer's Next to Last Stand
The Life, Death and Life of Wild Bill Hickok
Knee-High Noon
The Gospel According to Legend
Bone of Contention
Revenge of the Herd
Fall of a Legend
Clueless in San Francisco
Skeletons in the Closet
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