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Leather Stocking Tales on one Mp3 CD.  Contains 25 episodes.

This disc will not play in regular CD players.  Your player must be able to play Mp3 format.  This disc is ready to upload onto your portable Mp3 device, play in your Mp3 compatible car stereo, or wherever you play your Mp3's. 

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leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_01 13:22
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_02 13:07
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_03 13:20
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_04 13:28
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_05 13:18
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_06 13:42
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_07 12:37
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_08 7:52
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_09 13:04
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_10 12:54
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_11 13:12
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_12 13:00
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Deerslayer_13 12:32
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_01 14:32
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_02 13:47
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_03 12:17
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_04 13:33
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_05 12:56
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_06 16:39
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_07 13:29
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_08 13:23
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_09 13:39
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_10 13:56
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_11 13:12
leat.1932.xx.xx_The_Last_of_the_Mohicans_12 15:00

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