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Yes, You Can Achieve your Goals with Self-Hypnosis!

Buy this Professional, High Quality Subliminal CD created by Denver Hypnotherapist, Sheilah T. Davis MA., CH./NLP.

Do you want to increase your mental capacity to learn?

Would you like to increase your memory and ability to retain a large amount of information?

Do you want the ability to recall facts, figures, and other information quickly and easily?


Have you tried just about everything to increase your capacity and ability to learn more efficiently with little success?


There is hope!

Today is the day that can change your life.

The answer is within you, all you have to do is

make up your mind to achieve success!!

The affirmations on this recording compel your subconscious mind to adjust your mental attitude, daily behaviors and activities in order to transform your mind into a limitless and more efficient learning tool. You will gain the ability to remember information effortlessly, increase your concentration and focus, have clear and lucid thoughts, and be more relaxed, more alert, and more aware.


We all have been hypnotized by our life experiences to believe a great number of things; some of them good and, well, some less so. As we go about our life, our subconscious mind records the experiences and creates beliefs and behaviors based on these experiences. Similar to a computer, the subconscious mind operates from the information programmed into it.

Our conscious mind determines what information is programmed into the subconscious. Bypassing the critical factor of the conscious mind allows suggestions to be accepted easily into the subconscious mind, allowing us to make up our mind for change.

All our behavior is adaptive. We do certain things because our conscious mind believes that is the behavior is helping us.

In other words, our behaviors are created by our minds based on our life experiences.

What was created by your mind can be cured with your mind.

Supraliminal recordings contain suggestions that are recorded at very high frequencies which are outside the range of normal hearing. This method allows the suggestions to be heard and accepted by your subconscious mind without interference from the conscious mind. Although you will not consciously hear the words, your subconscious mind will hear them and accept the suggestions.

Binaural tones embedded within the recordings enhance the experience by leading the listener into a heightened state of learning.

Imagine the satisfaction, confidence, and pride that you will feel while expanding your mental capacity and enriching your life with knowledge.

Today can be the day to take charge of the situation and begin to live your life anew...

With daily use, this highly effective subliminal CD will give you the results you want! You will hear two 20 minute subliminal sessions which contain hundreds of highly effective hypnotic suggestions and positive affirmations designed to help you develop new habits in he privacy of your own home. Also included is a ten minute silent supraliminal recording that you can listen to whenever you can take a few minutes to relax * .

Listen to one track on this CD every day for at least three weeks, at a time when you can devote at least 30 minutes to feeling completely relaxed (most people listen to the recording before falling asleep at night).

This Subliminal CD Includes;

�� Two 20 minute supraliminally recorded tracks: one with nature sounds, the other with relaxing music and bells,

�� One silent supraliminal ten minute recording to reinforce the changes that you are making within your life,

�� Recordings that are made with the Latest and Newest Effective Subliminal Recording Methods,

�� Up-To-Date Hypnosis Suggestions Utilizing the Latest In NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),

�� The Sessions are Intertwined With Relaxing Trance Deepening Sounds, and

�� the CD Has A Quality And Market Value Of $25.00 Or More!

Hypnosis has helped thousands of people!

Hypnosis can help you, too!

Imagine what your new and improved mind set, can do for you, your career and your relationships. You owe it to yourself to life your life to the fullest!

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*Important note: It is important that whenever you listen to any hypnosis or subliminal recording that you be in a safe, peaceful environment. Please do not listen to these recordings while driving a vehicle or operating dangerous machinery. Certain people should not use hypnosis or subliminal recordings: do not listen to these recordings if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, a seizure disorder, or are under the age of 18 (without the consent of your physician).

My name is Sheilah Davis. I am a professional Hypnotherapist from Denver, Colorado. I hold a master's degree in psychology, a master level certification in hypnosis and am a NLP practitioner. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about hypnosis or this particular auction item .

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