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Learn the Spanish Language - 75 Books on CDrom

Books scanned from the originals into pdf format.


Beginners' Spanish by William Hannsler 1910

The Pictorial Spanish Course with pictures, descriptions, conversations and grammar by R. torres 1911 (I love the pictures in this one - featured in image)

An Easy Introduction to Spanish Conversation by Velazquez de la Cadena 1898

Spoken Spanish, a Conversational reader and composition by E Broomhall 1918

Beginners Spanish Reader With Exercises by L. Wilkins 1921

Spanish Grammar by Charles Philip Wagner 1910

A Grammar of the Spanish Language by Alfred Elwes 1852

Spanish Grammar For the Use of Colleges and Schools by Samuel Garner 1901

A New Spanish grammar by Mariano Cubi y Soler 1826

Habla VM. Español? Or, Do You Speak Spanish? A Pocket Companion For Beginners Who Wish To Acquire the Facility to Express Themselves Fluently 1868

Easy Spanish Reader by Joel Hatheway 1919

A Practical Spanish Grammar with Exercises and Themes by E Manning 1891

A Grammar of the Modern Spanish language by William Knapp 1885

The Spanish Verb with an introduction on Spanish Pronunciation by Peter Straub 1900

Everybody's Spanish Dictionary -Spanish-English 1900

A Complete Theoretical and Practical grammar of the Spanish language by Emanuel del Mar

Spanish Simplified by Augustin Knoflach 1906

A New Practical and Easy Method of learning the Spanish language

Reading, Writing ans Speaking Spanish for Beginners with Word List by M Dowling 1921

Spanish Teacher and Colloquial Phrasebook by Francis Butler 1881

Spanish idioms with their English equivalents by Sarah Becker 1887

Spanish Taught In Spanish: A Textbook For Learning Spanish In The Easiest and Most Practical Manner 1919 by Charles Frederick McHale

Brief Spanish Grammar by August Hjalmar Edgren 1891

Exercise Book in Spanish; a Drill and exercise book on the Subjunctive, idioms, pronouns, and irregular verbs by Lawrence Wilkins 1921

Fundamentals of Spanish Grammar by Alice Huntington Bushee 1917

Elementary Grammar of the Spanish language by LMA Loiseaux 1900

The Combined Spanish Method: A Practical and Theoretical System for Learning the Spanish by alberto de Torno 1915

A Spanish Reader for Beginners in High Schools and Colleges by Charles Turrell 1908

Colloquial Spanish by William Patterson 1919

Beginning Spanish: Direct Method 1921

Studies in New Mexican Spanish Phonology by A Espinoza 1909

The Living Method for Learning how to Think in Spanish by Charles Frederick Kroeh 1892

Spanish Tales for Beginners by Elijah Hill 1909

Progressive Exercises in Spanish prose composition, with notes and a vocabulary by M Ramsey 1900

A Spanish Grammar, With Exercises by M Ramsey 1902 (one or two pages wrecked)

A Grammar of the Spanish Language with Practical Exercises 1827

A Practical Spanish Grammar 1917

Complete Spanish course in Accordance with the Robertsonian System 1861

Spanish Anecdotes arranged for translation and conversation by WF Giese 1909

A First Spanish Book and Reader by W Giese 1902

Spanish Influence on English Literature by Martin Andrew Sharp Hume 0905

A New Spanish Grammar 1814

Foundation Course In Spanish by Leon Sinagnan 1917 Volume 1

Foundation Course In Spanish by Leon Sinagnan 1917 Volume 2

A Practical Course with the Spanish Language by H Monsanto 1903

A Concise and Simplified Grammar of the Spanish Language by E De Mar 1840

A First Spanish Course by Hills/Ford 1917

Spanish grammar, with practical introductory lessons by A. Coester 1917

La Biblia (Bible) 1869

A Phonetic Spanish Reader (hard to read - light scan) by E Peers 1920

A Comparative View of the Spanish and Portuguese languages - An easy method of learning the Portuguese tongue for those who are already acquainted with the Spanish 1831 by Pietro Bachi

A Comparative View of the Italian and Spanish languages, or an easy method of learning the Spanish tongue. For those who are already acquainted with the Italian 1832 by Pietro Bachi

A Polyglot of Foreign Proverbs: Comprising French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese by HG Bohn 1857


Spanish Composition by Edith Broomhall 1921

A Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages Wherein the Words are Correctly Explained by Henry Neuman 1854

New and improved Spanish Grammar by Luis Josef A. McHenry 1823

Elementary Spanish-American Reader by Frederick Bliss Luquiens 1917

The effect of syntax on readability for Spanish-speaking adult students of English as a second language

5000 Musical Terms; a Complete Dictionary of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, French, German, Spanish, English, and such other words, phrases, abbreviations, and signs as are to be found in the works of Auber, Beethoven, Bertini etc by John S Adams 1851

100 Most Common Spanish Words in Amazon Kindle format

Homophonic Vocabulary containing more than 2000 words having a like sound and like signification in 10 :anguages - English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish-Norwegian, Swedish, and Russian by Charles Waite 1904

Infinitive Constructions in Old Spanish by W Beardsley 1921

Exercises on the Etymology, Syntax, Idioms, and Synonyms of the Spanish Language 1852

Mitchell's Standard Guide to Buenos Aires with Spanish phrases for travellers, giving correct pronunciation of each word 1909

The Pronunciation of Spanish in Spain and America by C Kroeh 1893

New First Spanish Book, after the natural or direct method for schools and self-instruction by James Worman 1916

A Key to the Exercises contained in Ahn's method of learning the Spanish language by FF Foerster

Spanish Literature in Mexican Languages as a source for the study of Spanish pronunciation

A Grammar of the Spanish Language in which the peculiar qualities and accidental differences of the parts of speech are accurately analysed, and the syntax fully explained, exemplified, and compared with the English construction : with an appendix, containing the exceptions to the rules of genders, and tables of the Spanish adjectives and adverbs of a different etymology from the same in English 1838

A Trip To Latin America in Very Simple Spanish by Victor Emmanuel François 1917

Elementos de Espanol, an Elementary Spanish Grammar for schools and colleges by Moreno-Lacalle 1918

A Grammar of the Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian languages, intented to facilitate the acquiring of these sister tongues by exhibiting in a synoptical form the agreements and differences in their grammatical construction by Richard Woodhouse 1815

The Principles of Grammar being a Compendious Treatise on the Languages, English, Latin, Greek, German, Spanish, and French by Solomon Barrett 1851

An essay on the origin and formation of the Romance languages by George Lewis 1862