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HairCandyBoutique is a division of RonisBowTique LLC
& offers a HUGE selection of grosgrain ribbon, and boutique items.

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most of it listed on our website,

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HairCandy Boutique a division of  RonisBowTique is offering her
Master Course

 Hair Bow Instructions Coupon

By purchasing this coupon you I will send the eBook  (what is an ebook? Click here to find out.) via email immediately upon receipt of payment
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This comes with the instructions for everything shown in this auction listing!  VIA EMAIL


I have sold 1000's of my instructions!!! on many different sites! Some have even gone as far as copying my ebay adcopy and changed a few words here and there! Those are the ones who purchased my instructions and now want to teach you MY techniques...

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RonisBowTique is a highly successful brick and mortar store in Basile, La.
Now you can find out my secrets on how to Become "One of the Best" in this industry!

1. Roni's First Title - "How to Make Classic Boutique Hair Bows? (Basic Techniques)
2. Roni's Second Title - "How to Create your own ribbon" (Basic Techniques)
3. Roni's Third Title - "Roni's Original Stitches Technique" (advanced)
4. Roni's Fourth Title - "How to make Character Bows". Dog, Frog, Duck, Poodle, etc (Advanced Techniques)
5. Roni's Fifth Title - "How to make Bow Ties" (Basic Techniques)
6. Roni's Sixth Title - "The Starburst Bow"(Advanced Techniques)
7. Roni's Seventh Title - "Loopy Bows" (Advanced Techniques)
8. Roni's Eighth Title - "How to Make Cheer Bows" (Basic)
9. Roni's Ninth Title - "How to make Korker Ribbon" (Basic Techniques)
10. Roni's Tenth Title - "How to Layer and Stack your Hair Bows By a Pro" (Basic to Advanced Techniques)
12. Roni's Twelfth Title - "How to Make Baby Bows Barrettes Clips" (Basic Techniques)
13. Roni's Thirteenth Title - "How to Make a Beaded Lady Bug Barrette" (Advanced Techniques)
14. Roni's Fourteenth Title - "How to Make Bubble Loop Bows" (Advanced Techniques)
15. Roni's Fifteenth Title - "How to Add Shanked Buttons and Flatback Resins to your Hair Bows" (Basic techniques)
16. Roni's Sixteenth Title - "How to Make Beaded Barrettes" (Advanced Techniques)
17. Roni's Seventeenth Title - "How to Embellish & Decorate your own Flip-Flops"
18. Roni's Eighteenth Title - "How to Make Beaded Socks"
19. Roni's Nineteenth Title - "How to Fold 1 Ribbon 8 Different Ways" (Advanced Technique)
20. Roni's Twentieth Title - "New Bow Maker Techniques"
21. Roni's Twenty-First Title - Roni's "A- Sinch Pinch Clips"
22. Roni's Twenty-Second and Most Popular Title - How to Have a successful eBay hair Bow Business-
eBay - eBow - eBiz! ?

Video Technique Now Included:

Access to RonisBowTique? Private Chat Group with 100's of Talented Members. Receive Updates; get new ideas, Business tips, tips on where to find supplies, insider tips, and to talk with 100's of others about techniques, tricks and tips! (See Below for more details).
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Roni's VIDEO Library --- excellent for those who like to see the steps in motion. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I Reveal the Secrets other Bow makers do NOT want you to know, & my Simple Steps on
How To Create
Professional Boutique Hair Bows!



24 Jam Packed Chapters

Why waste your money on other instructions claiming they can teach you how to make over 100 bows, when the pictures are scarce and blurry!



Here are a few samples of some of my creations!

The following is what you will learn if you purchase Roni's Instructions:

Woven Headband Video Techniques

Starburst Flower Bows

Classic Hair bows!

Wooden Hair Bow Maker Technique included for this wonderful Pageant Style Hair Bow

Create your own Ribbon technique! Great for layering and stacking!

RONI's " ORIGINAL" technique created By me!


also another Unique Technique created by me!


The wonderful LOOPY LOOP hair Bow technique.

Absolutely wonderful CHEER Bows!

How to make Korker Bows & Shoe Pom Poms!


EASY Layering and Stacking techniques!

Layered Baby Clips!

Classic Bubble Bows!

Easy Stretchy
Interchangeable Baby Headbands


The Bow Tie

Learn how to make your favorite
  Made 2 Match
 Gymboree Hair Bows!


Spikes & Stacking!

How to add the "Bow Candy" embellishments
w or w/o shanks


Easy Beaded Barrettes!
How to Make those wonderful Flip Flops!


Beaded Socks

Yes! 8 Ways to fold on ribbon!

Great Bow Toppers!

Roni's Wooden Bow Maker "technique "

Character Bows! Character and Animal Bows and Clips! AKA Ribbon Sculptures


Headband Scarf

Fabric Covered Headbands

Sew & No Sew Techniques Included.. Free Template too!



You will also get ALL of the following bonuses....


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Bonus #3: Updates
Unlimited Updated Forever!

You will get every update that I make to my hair Bow instructions.
I have already made 26 updates to this Book!

More Coming Soon

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  More of what you will receive!