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laurel and hardy

classic cinema Volume 5 !!

Eleven Laurel and Hardy classic films on one DVD.

Region Free (NTSC), playable on DVD players worldwide.

Excellent Audio and Video Quality. 

DVD has beautiful label artwork and a built-in easy-to-browse menu.

DVD comes individually sealed in a clamshell case for compact storage. 


Laurel and Hardy:  Classic Cinema Volume 5

11 films by one of the best comedy teams of all time: Laurel and Hardy.

Oliver Hardy in Crazy To Act, Fluttering Hearts, He's In Again and Paperhanger's Helper.  Stan Laurel in Roughest Africa.  Laurel and Hardy in 45 Minutes From Hollywood, Duck Soup, Love'em and Weep, Second Hundred Years, Slipping Wives and Stolen Jools.

The last film on this DVD, Stolen Jools,  not only has cameo appearances of Laurel and Hardy, but many other popular and well known actors,  actresses and comedians of that era.  See appearances from actors like Wallace Beery, Edward G. Robinson, Gary Cooper, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Maurice Chevalier.  See actresses like Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Irene Dunne, Loretta Young and Barbara Stanwyck, and, comedians like Jack Oakie, George "Gabby" Hayes, Buster Keaton and Joe E. Brown doing his famous yell, plus many, many more appearances in Stolen Jools.

All films with the exception of Stolen Jools are silent.  All 10 silent films have a professional music background accompaniment and typical sub-title screens.

 Total Viewing Time: 208 minutes.

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Classic Cinema Volume 1: Early Silent Movies - Horror and Sci-Fi

Trip To The Moon (1902) - directed by G. Mlis - Star Film Production - Paris, France; The Golem (1915) - German Silent Classic; Nosferatu (1922) - directed by F.W.  Murnau, novel by Bram Stoker featuring Max Schreck as Count Dracula, Alexander Granach as Renfield, Gustav von Wagenheim as Jonathan Harker and Greta Schroeder as Nina; The Monster (1925) - Roland West's Production of the famous stage success by Wilbur Crane starring Lon Chaney Sr. and Johnny Arthur.  Total Viewing Time: 230 minutes.


Classic Cinema Volume 2: Fatty Arbuckle

Fatty and Mabel Adrift (1916) a Keystone Film Company Production with Fatty Arbuckle, Mabel Normand,  Al St. John and Teddy the Keystone Dog; The Rough House with Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle, Buster Keaton, and Al St. John; The Cook with Fatty Arbuckle,  Buster Keaton and  Al St. John; Leap Year starring Fatty Arbuckle; Mabel and Fatty viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco, Cal. (1915) parts 1-5 - Keystone Film Co. Total Viewing Time: 149 minutes.


Classic Cinema Volume 3: Charlie Chaplin 

8 Classic Comedies from the Master, Charlie Chaplin: Behind The Screen, Count, Fireman, Floorwalker, One AM, Pawnshop, Rink and Vagabond.  Total Viewing Time: 168 minutes.


Classic Cinema Volume 4: Buster Keaton

9 Buster Keaton Comedies: High Sign (1920), Neighbors (1920), Boat (1921), Paleface (1921), Playhouse (1921), Cops (1922, ) Electric House (1922), The Buster Keaton Show (1949), and a 1950's Commercial for Simon Pure Beer.  Total Viewing Time: 174 minutes.


Classic Cinema Volume 6: Mack Sennett's Keystone Comedies

6 Keystone classic comedies from the Studios of Max Sennett: Bangville Police; Love, Speed and Thrills; Barney Oldfields Race for a Life; A Movie Star; Wife and Auto Trouble; Wondering Willies.  Total Viewing Time: 94 minutes.


Classic Cinema Volume 7: W. C. Fields

Seven film classics featuring W. C. Fields: The Pool Shark (1915) - Silent w/music background - W. C. Field's first film!  The Golf Specialist,  The Dentist,  The Pharmacist,  The Barber Shop (A Mack Sennett comedy), The Fatal Glass of Beer (A Mack Sennett comedy), Man on the Flying Trapeze.  Total viewing time 248 minutes



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