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Color Black
Condition New
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Item Description
Item Material : Aluminum Alloy
Item Quantity :1 pc
Mainly Color: Black
Mainly Shape : As picture
Approx Size :100mm x 80mm x 23mm ( 3.93"x3.14"x0.90" )
Conversion: 1 inch=25.4mm 1 mm=0.0393 inch

Usage :

The machine is made of aluminum alloy, better heat dissipation, lower temperature rise.

It is more compact than traditional electromagnetic tattoo machines and more flexible operation.

Switzerland imported motor, high life assurance, up to 10,000 hours, stepless speed control with reversing function ,drives up to 50 needles or more without problems.

Anodized body appearance, the color looks more upscale.

The main components in the machine with precision CNC machining center production. To ensure the good functioning of the machine.

Vibration amplitude -3.2-4.4 is the best floating proportion of tattoo machine.

Rated speed 2 0,000 , only the original Swiss motors can achieve this speed power.

The Bizarre V2 now has a new concept, a new round external piston causes minimal friction on the drive system, the motor and the engine is running more freely and cooler.The front double spring rod fixed support, make sure the needle retractable symmetry and uniform.

The Tattoo Machine can work normally within 6-9 volts. It is recommended to use more than 1.5A power supply.

Coming with a set of adjustment tool and numbers of wearing parts.