Item Description
In this package I am offering both of the discs from the OOP Barrel Entertainment Region 1 NTSC release of Last House On Dead End Street 1977. This is the best copy of this dvd available and has been digitally remastered for 10/10 audio and video quality. It will ship in DVDR format in plain white sleeves. If you would like cover art I can send you a link to cover art for this film. It is presented in FULL uncut format and has the following bonus features:
* 20 min. of outtakes (which, quality-wise, look about 1000x better than the released film! Full film commentary by the director and Chas. Baulen (he of Deep Red Magazine fame)
* A short segment of the director on the Joe Franklin show
* A theatrical trailer (which is a non-sensical teaser featuring NOTHING whatsoever to do with the actual film!)
* a photo-gallery
* a 60-minute (!) radio interview with the director back when he was finishing-up the film
* 3 short films from the same director (no audio on these, ONLY director commentary)
* A series of phonecalls to and from the director regarding the creation of this film
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