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Product Description Free Shipping Laser Machine Professional
Laser Tattoo Removal Wavelength: 1064nm 532nm Pulse energy:1100mj
Width of pulse: 3.5ns Frequency: 1-5Hz Spot Diameter: 1-8mm Cooling
system: wind + water +semiconductor Weight: 21kg Voltage:
220V(110V) /5A 50Hz Advantages: 1.Removing eyebrow tattoo, eye
line, lip line, eyelid tattoo etc. 2.Dispelling pigment deposit and
improving laser skin rejuvenation procedures 3.Age pigment,
birthmark, nevus removal 4.Removing tattoos of different colors Two
Steps Of Dispel the pigment: Step 1:we utilize the blowing up of
light, and blow the pigment that the destruction skin line
embroidered originally,break a tiny particle from big pigment
particle. Step 2: the tiny particle is eliminated from body by
metabolism system,and achieve the goal of dispelling the pigment.
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