Item Description
PC Laptop Professional Motherboard Repair Service – Any Brand

You are buying a service for your PC Laptop computer. This service is for your Motherboard that you may be having trouble with and if you are having problems we can help you out. As well as getting your Motherboard repaired you will also receive a SIX Month warranty on your repair.

NOTE: Get Quote BEFORE you buy Service.

Some symptoms of a failing Motherboard are:
-No video but you hear sound
-No video at all but light will light up
-Laptop shuts off by itself
-Laptop doesn’t go on at all
-Laptop doesn’t recognize your wireless adapter / Hard Drive
-Lines and patterns on screen
-Beeps from Computer

Turn Around Time:
We do most of our repairs the same day that your console is in our possession but if not repaired in same day it will be repaired within five (5) business days. It will then ship out to you Via USPS Priority Mail next business day with Signature confirmation and of course tracking number.
Warranty Information:
When you buy our repair service it comes with a six month warranty. If for some crazy reason your Laptop breaks down within the first month of us repairing your system you have a choice of a refund or a repair that would come with another six month warranty.
If your system happens to break after the first month is up we will pay for you to ship you Laptop to us and we will fix it but if it isn’t fixable (which very few are not fixable) we will send your Laptop back to you assembled and you will get a refund of the purchase price as long as our warranty label has not been tampered with.

Customer Satisfaction:
Making you the customer is very important to us and we want to make you very happy with our service. If you are not happy with our service please tell us before feedback is left as we can always work out something to make you a happy customer! Please contact us through messages or our business email address if you have a question, and every question of yours will be answered in a timely manner.

Questions can be answered of course through ioffer messages…