Item Description
Most paintball products are designed to be quiet and sneaky. Not this one. There is a breed of paintball player out there whose playing style is bold and up front. They don't want to be a ninja... they want to be a tank. They don't want their marker to be sound suppressed. They want it as loud, obnoxious and intimidating as possible. LAPCO heard their call and offers the LAPCO Dishka Thunder Barrel Tip.Named after the famous Russian heavy machine gun, the LAPCO Dishka Thunder Barrel Tip is threaded to fit LAPCO Assault and Str8Shot barrels, Tiberius threaded tip barrels and HammerHead threaded tip barrels. Its bell shaped, heavy machine gun inspired shape actually works as a loudener, a megaphone to increase the muzzle report of your marker. EVERYONE will know who is shooting at them!When you are ready to attack your opponents with a little psychologically as well as tactically... when you're ready to let everyone defending the fort know that you're coming for them... this is the barrel accessory for you.Features:- 100% Made in the USA
- Precision machined aluminum construction- Substantially increases muzzle report for intimidation value- Fits LAPCO Assault and Str8Shot barrels, Tiberius threaded tip barrels, HammerHead threaded tip barrels and the CP Tactical Series Barrels.