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INCI: Lanolin Alcohol
For your compounding needs.
3 Lb pound package.

Lanolin Alcohol is used in many personal care applications. Specifically used often in
  • Hair Treatments
  • Lotions and creams (Body and Handcare)
  • Facial care products
  • Lipsticks
  • Water/Oil emulsifiers and emollients.

  • Product is a Yellow /Amber waxy solid. Easy to measure and process with.
    Powerful W/O emulsifier. Can also function in combination with other surfactants to form O/W emulsions. Also known as, or similar to Croda Super Hartolan, Cognis Emery 1780 or RitaWax
    Used as a high quality emollient and moisturizer in all kinds of products. High water absorption in personal care products. Humectant to keep skin moisturized longer. Used in the oil phase when making a lotion, about 2 % -5%. Can also be used in conjunction with Lanolin (or without).

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