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 DETANGLING TREATMENT - WORKS LIKE A MIRACLE! ONLY PRODUCT ON THE MARKET THAT CAN DETANGLE MATTED HUMAN HAIR! ONE 15 MINUTE TREATMENT USUALLY DETANGLES MATTED HUMAN HAIR WIGS! Don't throw away your Lace Wig or Human Hair Wig! If it has matted or is beginning to matte, this is the only treatment available in the world today that can un-matte human hair or lace wigs and bring them back to their original condition without damaging the hair or lace! This easy to use Detangling Treatment can save your matting wig, that you were going to throw away! It can save your investment in your wig of that may of cost you thousands of dollars! It is the only product available in the world today that can stop the matting of human hair wigs or lace wigs at any price! Lace Therapy Detangling Treatment








Directions : In a bowl, mix 2 ounces of Lace Therapy Detangling Solution and 8 ounces of BOILING WATER! Submerge the matted wig into the mixture immediately and let sit for 15 minutes. Take unit out of mixture and brush out tangles from bottom of hair to the top. Continue brushing hair for 15 minutes. Repeat application if necessary or if matting begins again. is specially formulated to untangle matted or matting human hair wigs. This one of a kind formula penetrates hair cuticles and restores the hair to its original texture and beauty. The treatment will detangle severely matted or tangled units by condensing the hair cuticle without fading hair color or damaging the lace. This advanced treatment will restore your human hair lace wig to its original condition.