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L.A. 2017 - 1971. Gene Barry, Barry Sullivan. Taut, suspenseful episode of the television series NAME OF THE GAME. directed by a young Steven Spielberg. Gene Barry, as series regular Glenn Howard, is driving to a conference on ecology and tape-recording an essay for his magazine "People", when he falls asleep at the wheel and crashes. When he wakes up, it is to a nightmarishly yellow-orange skyline; and he is found by men in gas masks. He is taken to an underground complex, where he is met by the new "mayor" of Los Angeles (Barry Sullivan). Sullivan's explanation for the state of L.A.'s problems is that a toxic algae spread across the world and mixed with L.A.'s smog, creating a deadly mix that killed all life above ground. Barry learns that he has somehow travelled nearly half a century into an ecological nightmare of the future.DVD-R. Fullscreen. In English. 74 minutes. Quality - 7 out of 10. Sent in a white paper sleeve with no artwork. All sales are final. Payment - Google Checkout, check and money order. NO PAYPAL. Defective DVD's will be replaced.