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Krav maga dvd Basic Self Defense
Kwik krav maga Self Defense For Those Without Time To Train.
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Kwik Krav
Self Defense for the Real World
Kwik Krav is our system of Krav developed for those who want a basic ability to defend themselves without devoting hours & hours to a training routine.

This series is taught by Kurt R. Howland, LPN, founder of "Real World Krav Maga". In this DVD he teaches a system that uses very natural and instinctive moves. This system works without alot of training due to the fact the techniques are based on these natural movements. This is a three part series.
The three dvd's give you more than three hours of training. This system can be used by all age groups, and Men & Women. You'll work on Heel Strikes, Kicks, Elbow Strikes, Throat Strikes, Knee Strikes, and defenses against Bat Attacks, Choke holds, Bear Hugs, Head Locks, Wrist Grabs Hand Gun Disarms, Knife Disarms, and Rear Choke Defenses as you learn in the comfort of your home.
Kurt's style is unique and is centered around using your attackers weight against them. This is a whole new way to look at self defense and gives those who don't have the time to get to a gym a way to learn.
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About the Instructor
Kurt served in the US Army where he trained in hand to hand combat. After the Army he became a member of the 399th Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol in Danbury, Connecticut running Search & Rescue missions for four years.

Through out his life Kurt has been involved with self defense of some kind. He started Wrestling in High School, then turned to Boxing.

He boxed competitively for 20 years, and now trains boxers at Tainio's Boxing Gym in Deltona, FL.
He has also studied several different Martial Arts over the years, and now trains with an Ex Navy Seal in several different types of close combat including Krav Maga which he now instructs.

Kurt founded "Real World Krav Maga" and teaches private and group classes. He his clients include private citizens, law enforcement officers, and corporate clients like Northrup Grumman. For more infomation on Kurt go to:

DVD media is -R I am the producer of this video, all DVD's are brand new. We have produced these DVD's using professional 3chip and HD cameras.
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