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New footage never released before. Early 80s KROKUS performing on 2 shows on one DVD disc. Video quality is superb for the era of recording, I have posted screenshots, but they are lower than the actual video in quality. Definitely recommended. Given as a bonus DVD a compilation "Krokus - The Early Years 1977-1981".

1982 "Hot Spots" TV Show; The Brooklyn Zoo, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
length 45 minutes

Chris Von Rohr - Electric Bass, Percussion
Freddy Frutig (Freddy Steady) - Drums
Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar
Marc Storace - Vocals
Mark Kohler - Rhythm Guitar
Set List:

01 - (no show intro) Long Stick Goes Boom
02 - Easy Rocker
03 - interview
04 - To The Top
05 - Winning Man> Drum Solo
06 - interview
07 - Rock City
08 - American Woman
09 - "Hot Spots" TV show I.D.
10 - Heatstrokes
1983 "Rock 'N' Roll Tonight" TV Show; Perkins Palace, Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
length 22 minutes

Chris Von Rohr - Electric Bass, Percussion
Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar
Marc Storace - Vocals
Mark Kohler - Rhythm Guitar
Steve Pace - Drums
Set List:

01 - Eat The Rich
02 - American Woman
03 - Screaming In The Night
04 - Headhunter


Krokus - The Early Years 1977-1981 (Menu and chapters as follow below)
length: 36 minutes

01. PROTECTION - original vocalist - live
02. MOVE IT ON - original vocalist - live
03. HIGHWAY SONG - original vocalist - first Krokus promo
04. STREAMER - Marc Storace vocals - promo
05. BACK SEAT ROCK & ROLL - Marc Storace vocals - promo
06. LADY DOUBLE DEALER - Marc Storace vocals - promo
07. TOKYO NIGHTS - Marc Storace vocals - promo
08. HEATSTROKES - Marc Storace vocals - promo
09. SHE'S GOT EVERYTHING - Marc Storace vocals - promo
10. ROCK CITY - Marc Storace vocals - promo
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